How to Make Income from YouTube

Make Income from YouTube

Making money on YouTube is a common thing nowadays. Some people avoid it while others see it as a one-time opportunity. People who are into this can join the YouTube partner program, live stream or record videos to share it with their community. When you watch a channel you may see through their videos the popular phrase “Like & Subscribe”. Now is your time to say it, and create a regular income via YouTube. Let’s find out more about how to make an income from YouTube in the following sections.

YouTube Partner Program

Just as Betway India accepts players from a region and provides special bonuses and promotions, the YouTube Partner Program does the same with other people who want to join it. There is a limited series of countries that can be a part of the program and that includes India. 

To be a part of the program, you shall have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours. In other words, you have to work a little bit to reach this level. Stream constantly and upload videos on your channels, add catch descriptions, catchy video titles, and smart tags. In time you can target the audience and gain followers. Then, you’ll be free to join the YouTube Partner Program via

Another condition is to link to your channel and AdSense account and respect the Community Guidelines imposed by YouTube. If you just opened a YouTube channel, don’t rush and take things step by step. Also, opt to enable the 2-step verification in order to have a secure account and protect all your data. 

When you check all of the criteria, you can join the special program and get access to the Creator Support teams, Copyright match tools, and monetization features.

Sell your own merch

You set up your account, joined the YouTube Partner Program and now you want to start and make some money. Are you ready to sell your own merch? If you have no idea how to do it, just click on the left menu and then go to the “MERCHANDISE” tab. Link our website to your own YouTube Channel and promote as much as your merch to gain more clients. 

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Don’t overdo it or talk too much about it because you can lose some followers. As you know, they subscribe to your channel for your content or their own entertainment. So, when you talk about the products you sell, do it smartly and subtly. You also can share your merch on social media or wear it when you do a YouTube video. Create promotions and events giveaways to maximize your success rate.

Sponsored content

To catch more clients, you can start to look for brands that want to promote their products. That is a great opportunity to become an influencer and earn some money without stressing a lot. Just implement a smart selling strategy and most importantly be very sincere when you describe a product! 

You can align your name with your favorite brands (only if you are well-known on YouTube) or with new companies that are constantly looking for streamers. Usually brands send the products for free and, in return all you need to do is to promote them on your channel. Some of them will create special codes with your name on it and make special promotions. If you manage to sell you’ll make some profit and earn some money too.  

Affiliate partner

You can become a YouTube affiliate to be more popular online. When you do that, you can claim commissions and get paid very well. But how can you become a partner? Well, you should target your audience first and find out the right niche for you. 

Then, pick an affiliate program and work on your channel. Implement affiliate links and start to be paid accordingly. The links will redirect the user to a product and, once it’s purchased you take a small commission back. 

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Get your fans to pay you directly

If you are at the beginning of streaming or recording or not, you can ask your fans to support your channel. If people are into your niche and fancy your content, they will be glad to help you with money. All the donations are welcome and little by little you can save money and develop yourself even more your channel. 

Here is a rule! Don’t you ever impose or ask for a fixed amount of money. Your subscribers will donate as much as they can to support you.


Engage your subscribers with you via YouTue Crowdfunding. It’s one of the newest and most liked monetization variants. Add badges or come with extra services for your clients for a fixed amount of money. Reward them with t-shirts or schedule a face-to-face meeting/online meeting to know you as a person. 

Rumor has it that crowdfunding will be more popular in the following years and rule over affiliate programs. 


Work to make your YouTube channel popular among a target audience and gain subscribers to be popular. Your channel is your business and people will gladly be a part of it, especially if you know how to promote yourself and how to create qualitative content. When you will start to earn lots of money from that, your hard work will start to pay off, and you’ll be proud of all the sacrifices you made. 

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