How to make your home more comfortable

home more comfortable


We have all fallen into the mind space where our home just doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. It feels old and likes it needs an update that could cost a lot. And while that may be true, there are several ways you can easily update your home on a budget to make it more comfortable! With our styling tips, you will have a home that is not only timeless but also to your aesthetic.

Eliminate Clutter

You will be surprised by how much of a difference eliminating clutter makes. Not only does it open up more space for storage but it also helps you get rid of dated and unwanted décor that might not be something you like to see. Clearing up excess also enables you to rethink your aesthetic and design and start transforming your home into what makes you feel comfortable. 

Start by sorting out the smaller clutter- bills and papers you no longer need, clothes you don’t wear, pans and pots that need to be changed. Once the smaller things are out, you can focus on the bigger furnishings- side tables that are of no use, lamps and chairs that are too damaged or are never used. By doing this, you make room for newer furnishing and décor items that are true to your current aesthetic. 

One of the easiest ways to remove extra furniture is by wall mounting your television. Eliminating the need for a TV unit, wall-mounted television is the perfect way to update your home. You can get your TV wall mounted by professionals by  

Add Art

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more comfortable is by adding art. Art has a way of making a space feel happy and lively as well as brighter. Choosing nature-inspired art is the easiest way to make the room feel brighter if there is a lack of windows or there are no south-facing windows. If you want to update your home in a super personalized way, choose to make your art or get custom pieces made by upcoming artists. 

Art adds a warmth to the room that makes the place feel comfortable and approachable. It also adds jazz to old walls and makes them look better. If you are an art enthusiast or enjoy art, you can also make a gallery wall in your room. This can be made the focal point and you can rearrange your room around it to make it feel a little different. 

Change your lights

While it may seem weird, your lightning can be the reason why your place does not feel as comfortable as you would want. Warm and cool lighting can make a ton of difference in the atmosphere of the place. While the goal should always be to maximise the natural light, we understand that it is not always possible. So, start by accessing your lightning- Is it warm or cool, how many lights do you have and what kind of light fixtures are you using? 

Try to avoid any kind of harsh overhead lighting and instead focus on creating clusters of light in spaces where you want to add focus and try to use warm lightning where you want to create a comfortable and nice atmosphere. Cool lightning is good for areas that double as conversation areas. So, you can use warm lights in bedrooms and cool lights in the living room or dining room. Remember that the kind of light you use will affect the colour of the room, décor and furnishings. 

Add plants 

When thinking of a way to update your home, consider adding plants and flowers. Not only do they create a relaxing environment, but they also add a touch of nature that is extremely important for stress. Plants also give out fresh air and clean your home’s air. These little connections to nature will make you feel more at home in your space, especially now after the pandemic when we have spent the past few years inside. 

If you are not good at taking care of plants but want to maintain that connection to nature, try using décor and furnishings that are in natural colours of terracotta, green and yellow. Alternatively, you can also get some cactus and succulents that do not require as much attention and would survive anyways. Try to avoid fake plants as they increase plastic consumption and don’t do anything for the house. They can often look pretty cheap as well. 

Personalize it

Often, it’s the lack of personalization that makes a space look uncomfortable. Add your personal touches like pictures, art and other stuff that makes the place feel your own. This will make it more comfortable and will update it as well. 


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