How to Refresh Your Look in ONE Minute


There is an abundance of ways to elevate your look while applying a meticulous skincare routine at home. But, little did most ladies knew, there are also many ways to upscale your look and look utterly ravishing in less than 60 seconds. Yep, you’ve read it right! If you are surrounded by workload, or you’re just in a hurry, here are some effective and powerful jacks to refresh your look in one minute or less. Read on.

Utilize a dry shampoo maximally

Washing your hair can sometimes be a challenging deed, plus a time-consuming one. Hence, if you want to look fresh and have glowing hair, implement a habit of carrying dry shampoo with you at all times. Spraying your favorite dry shampoo will give your hair an exquisite look in seconds. Try getting a quality dry shampoo to avoid having white residue after spraying.

Focus on the eyes

To reduce your eye bags and have that radiant and all-natural look asap you should find a quality vitamin-enriched cream and apply it regularly. The application itself takes less than a minute, but the result is indefinite. Next, as eyes immediately give out the signal of tiredness, to revive your look try brushing up your brows. Groom your browns nicely, then fill in any light or empty spots with an adequate brow pencil, and voila. Wearing coloured contact lenses can also add beauty to your eyes and face & Sturm Thailand

Apply an all-effective moisture boost

If you strive to put a bombastic look in a short span of time, then try using a beautifying face spray. Having a rosewater spray always by your side will enable you to quickly hydrate your face skin and leave it looking tired. With a light spritz you eliminate the dry skin look, give the skin the necessary moisture boost, reduce inflammation, and upscale the skin’s cellular function. Fantastic, right?

Glow up

Getting that luminous skin takes time and effort, however, you can still revitalize that dull and drab complexion in less than a minute by enhancing the exfoliation process. The trick is simple: just add a spoon of baking soda into your regular cleanser and wash your face as usual. This will enable the skin to look more natural and it will give you an enviable radiance without having to spend hours and hours in preparation.

Add major volume to your hair

The hair represents the pivotal point of the entire look, and unless it’s perfect it can totally make you feel down. The secret to a refreshing and majestic look in less than one minute is to part with flat hair and make it more voluminous. You can achieve this by simply swapping the hair part from the right side to the left side and vice versa. Besides giving the hair immediate volume, it will also emphasize your stunning facial features.

And add color to your lips and cheeks

Wearing makeup all day may leave your skin tired and heavy, plus it takes at least half an hour to perfect it. If you are short with time and strive to have refreshing look, consider utilizing colorful lip balm. If you don’t have time to put a full face of makeup on, just use your favorite reddish lip balm or lipstick and just rub it gently onto your eyelids, cheekbones, and lips. Apply mascara and you’ll get a polished and luminous look in a blink of an eye.

Freshen-up from within

It is extremely vital to nourish your skin and hair from within. Popping an effective omega-3 supplement or drinking Aloe Vera gel takes a second, and the results are long-lasting. Using vitamins and nourishing supplements will delay the skin’s aging process in the long run, it will help flatten those nasty lines and prevent sagging skin. Consult your dermatologist so he could suggest a suitable dose and get ready to always have fresh and healthy skin.

The key to looking fresh and radiant at all times is a healthy diet and exercise. But to refresh your look in one minute, all it takes is to apply the above-mentioned tips and you will undoubtedly look sensational.


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