How to Track a Lost Phone With a Cell Number

Track a Lost Phone With a Cell Number

You are probably here because you lost a phone or handheld device sometime in the past. Or, you could have lost your device right now and are looking for some way to track it immediately. Unfortunately, there are various challenges to track a lost phone with cell number for the traditional phone user as you can see in this research guide by CellTrackingApps

On the bright side, this guide outlines some excellent ways you can track a cell phone without them knowing.

1. Use Find my iPhone to Track a Lost Phone

Find my iPhone is an app you can use to track the location of your iPhone. Plus, the app provides cell phone tracking functions such as media tracking, SMS tracking, and various other features. Remember that the app is nowadays referred to as ‘Find My.’ The app is robust and one of the best ways on how to locate a lost cell phone.

The company integrated the “Find My Friends” and the “Find My iPhone “app to make it easy to track an iPhone. It is readily available in the Apple Store for free. If you are tracking a lost cell phone, the app can perform the following:

  • Play sound – lets the device play a sound at maximum volume, and a flashing screen also accompanies the sound. It occurs even when the device is put on silent.
  • Lost mode – while it’s available on iOS 6 or later, helps identify a lost or stolen device. Users can use this function to lock the device, and it will require a passcode.
  • Erase iPhone will erase all the settings and content that have sensitive information of the phone user. However, erasing the data means that you won’t find the device after its complete.

2. Find My Device To Track a Lost Cell Phone

Find My Device is available for Android devices, and it lets you find, lock, and erase the data on a lost or stolen Android device. However, you first have to connect your Google account to the device. The good thing about using the app is that it doesn’t require rooting to work. A few things to do to use the app to locate a lost cell phone are – 

  • Download and install the app on your phone.
  • Confirm your Google Accounts and their integration to the app.
  • Next, connect the phone to Wi-Fi or a mobile data source.
  • Ensure the location function is on.
  • Switch on the “Find My Device” app.

3. Use a Location Tracking App to Find a Lost Phone

You have many other options when it comes to tracking your phone. However, remember that legitimate apps are available on GooglePlay or the Apple Store. 

A good location app should:

  • Be easy to use on different devices.
  • Provide various location-tracking functions.
  • Be from a reputable website or service online.
  • Be available free or at affordable prices.

These apps can be particularly useful even if you want to track the other activities taking place on your phone when it has been stolen. Take a situation where someone has stolen your phone and you need to remotely install a location tracking app or a spy app to see its real-time location.

If your device is an iPhone, you can install most of these apps remotely. However, Android devices have it much harder, as you can’t install these apps remotely in most situations. As a result, you’ll be in luck only if one of these apps was already present on your device before or when it was stolen.

Now, the location of your device that you see via the only dashboard of these spy apps is the last location your device was in before it was turned off (if it has been). While this can help you trace the device, you can also use these apps to see what other activities were performed. Did the thief send strange or dangerous messages to a contact of yours, or did they make a call to someone? 

Another scenario could also be that the thief tried logging into your banking applications to get access to your financial details. You’ll be able to get all this information through the keystroke monitoring function of these apps which show you exactly what keys were pressed and when. 

4. File a Complaint With the Police

If all else fails, consider filing a complaint with the police. You will have to gather evidence surrounding the case and provide proof that you are the owner of the phone that has been stolen or lost. Doing this is important as law enforcement authorities have to verify whether the information you have provided is legitimate.

Once you file a complaint, you will be assigned a specific police booking code and receive regular updates on investigations. While it seems like a hassle, it’s better off than leaving your sensitive device in the hands of malicious individuals. This one of the best ways of tracking a lost Android phone or iPhone.

Additionally, if you have access to a spy app, you can even offer details of the activities the thief has performed on your device as further evidence to the police to help them crack the case quicker. 

Precautions to Take Not to Lose Your Phone

In today’s day and age, it’s impossible to stay without a phone, even if you think the best way to avoid a situation in which it gets stolen is to not use one altogether. As a result, you must take certain precautions when you use your phone, especially when you’re out in public. These measures can be the difference between your $1000 staying safe or falling in the hands of a thief. 

Keep Your Phone In Your Sight At All Times 

A phone within your reach is easy to account for, primarily if you work or live in places with lots of traffic or strangers, such as a coworking space or a cafe. You can keep the phone in your pocket, a zipped bag, or on an open desk space within your reach. This is a great of ensuring that your phone is always in your sight and thus less likely to be stolen. 

Password Protect Your Phone

All phones today come with several security features you can use, and setting up a PIN or a password is the best way of keeping your data secure. When setting up a password, always ensure that it is easy or relatable enough for you to remember but impossible for a stranger to crack. The ideal password must tick the following boxes –

  • It must be alphanumeric with a minimum of eight characters
  • It must contact a mixture of upper and lower case characters
  • It must not be a simple password like your birthday, your home address, or your anniversary. 

Enable Find my iPhone/Find My Device

These two softwares have become an important residual method for securing devices, as you have seen in the previous sections. They are easy to use and provide various location tracking features you can leverage in the event that your device has been stolen. 

In Conclusion

So, how do you find a lost phone? The best way to find a lost phone is to be informed about security threats and solutions. This article has listed various easy ways to do so. Always remember that if you’re unable to track your device yourself, the best thing to do is to file a complaint with the police. 


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