Important marketing trends in the pandemic and lockdowns era


Marketing has become an important factor for many companies. Pandemic has shown that the digital world is untouchable. Many offline businesses went straight to online platforms. Today we will talk about the digital marketing trends that are important in the pandemic and lockdowns period.

Focus on customer retention

There are three main risks that online merchants will have to face in 2021: 1) the growth of platforms for selling goods online, 2) the increase in the cost of advertising, and 3) massive competition in the e-commerce space.

Dealing with all of this is not easy, but customer retention and branding are some of the best tools that salespeople can use. In light of the rise in customer acquisition costs, motivating existing customers to make a second and third purchase can make a huge difference in your sales growth. Exploring areas such as subscription usage and loyalty systems will give you the opportunity to connect your customers with your brand.

Having a brand and, most importantly, information about it that customers can learn and remember at different stages of the sales funnel will be a decisive factor. Include this information in your packaging and even in the invoices you send to the customer – make sure your brand is visible and easily recognized at all stages.

Predefined personalization of digital interactions

Personalizing everything and everyone is a key moment for 2021. Competition in terms of price or speed of order fulfillment is common, but how much can you fight this way? We go hand in hand with our clients every step of the way, just to win their favor. What else can we do for them? We can personalize everything possible so that the client feels that even a mass product was created especially for him, and we, as sellers, only deal with this one client. For instance, personalizing for a particular group of people. You can create a separate YouTube channel and engagement will be big. Buy YouTube views to get more organic exposure from the platform’s algorithm. You’ll get a big boost organically. 

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Yes, the process of collecting various data in cookies and the subsequent personalization of ads is already underway, to which artificial intelligence is still far away. But is it possible to do large-scale manual personalization? Yes, because despite its uniqueness, customers still have common traits.

The main idea is predefined personalization. By this we mean the creation of various templates (templates for services, advertisements, messages or even the appearance of the entire online store) that seem to suit this particular client, but were predefined, and now we only replace the collected data and present it to the recipient.

Content is the main thing

Despite some differences in trends, the majority focus is on content and the end customer. If you think about it, these are invariably relevant trends that should always be in the minds of marketers. The essence of the best advice and guidance comes down to the relationship that needs to be built with the client and the community, and the important role of the brand itself. Everything you need to build effective customer interaction – receiving, processing and storing data, segmentation, setting up triggers – is available in the Marketing Cloud in the unified Salesforce ecosystem. Leave a request below, and CT Consulting experts will conduct a free demonstration of the solution for you, taking into account the specifics of your company.


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