7 Ways to Fashionably Style a Button Down Shirt


A button down shirt is one of those closet essentials that every woman needs, regardless of her style. The basic silky button down or crisp Oxford may seem like a total cliche, but it’s one of the most versatile items you’ll wear because of the many ways you can wear them. Wear a button down when you’re going out on a first date, or wear it to the office. While variety can be intimidating even for the most fashionable of us, we’ve come up with a few easy ways to style your button down for any fashion moment. Get your shoes and accessories ready for style with these seven different ways to wear your button down shirt.

  • Keep Essential Button Downs in Your Rotation — The fashion experts at Vogue share that every woman needs a few go-to button-ups in her wardrobe, including a classic white, blue, striped and denim overshirt. Your wardrobe rotation should include essential button downs like a classic white for timeless sophistication, perfect for an element of casual elegance or professional settings. The chambray shirt is ideal for weekend outings, while a striped button down infuses a pop of personality. Exude casual charm with a denim button down, and be the epitome of luxury with a silk button down. These essentials act as the cornerstone of a well-rounded wardrobe, ensuring you’ll be well-dressed for every occasion.
  • Layer It Under a Dress — Matching closed toe shoes and a button down shirt is the perfect year-round look. Layering your button down underneath a dress helps turn your dress into a year-round staple as well. Add depth and versatility to your dress by choosing a dress with a neckline that complements the collar of the button down. Opt for a tailored or fitted button down so the dress doesn’t appear bulky. Slip the button down underneath the dress, ensuring the collar and sleeves of the button down are neatly visible. Have fun experimenting with different styles, leaving the button down untucked for a more casual look or cinching the waist of the dress with a belt for more definition. Playing with various textures and patterns can add visual appeal. Complete the outfit with accessories like a structured bag or statement jewelry to enhance the look.

  • Use It as a Swimsuit Cover-Up — Headed to the pool or beach? You don’t have to put your button downs away for the spring and summer seasons. Contrary to popular belief, button downs aren’t just for Monday morning meetings. You can wear the button down as a swimsuit cover-up. It adds playful modesty to a bikini and easily pairs well over a one-piece. The best part is that all you need to do is add a skirt or pants to the swimsuit, and you can wear this look on and off the beach.
  • Wear a Pantsuit and Button Down — Pair a pantsuit and button down, and you’ll be ready for your Monday morning meeting look. Whether at the office or getting ready for a date night, a button down shirt goes great with cute heels. Begin with a well-tailored pantsuit that flatters your frame and fits comfortably. The button down should complement the pattern or color of the suit. Ensure the button down is neatly pressed and tucked into your trousers. Experiment with different collar styles, whether it’s a classic button down collar or a standing collar. Finish the look with pumps or loafers and minimal jewelry for a polished and chic appearance.
  • Knot a Sweater Over It — For a stylish yet laid-back look, knot a sweater over the button down. Select a lightweight sweater and a well-fitted button down shirt. You can choose complementary colors or mix different patterns to create a contrast. When you button up your shirt, lay the sweater over your shoulders and create a casual knot. Pair the ensemble with jeans and kitten heels for the perfect off-duty model look.
  • Tuck It into Trousers — On days you’re running late or just need something simple to wear, tuck a button down into a pair of trousers, and you’ll look effortlessly chic. This look works when you’re trying to catch the train or stuck in traffic on your way to work. Make your commute so much easier by wearing your button down shirt with comfortable work shoes for women.

  • Go Vintage — Give your button down a retro vibe by pairing an oversized Oxford shirt with colorful flare jeans. You’ll get into the groove when you pair printed flare jeans with a classic button down. Accessorize with gold rectangular drop earrings. It’s a memorable look that couldn’t be easier to put together.

Variety and experimentation are key when it comes to styling your button-down shirt. When in doubt, stick to classics but mix in a few prints or different textures. Layer a button down under a dress, or have fun accessorizing with statement jewelry. Button downs are for more than polished and preppy outfits. Turn the not-so-basic button down into a wardrobe staple you’ll love wearing time and time again.


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