What Does It Take To Extend The Life Of Your Makeup Brush

Makeup Brush

Makeup brushes and other makeup tools are the most important items in a woman’s makeup kit. However, many women, especially those who lead a busy or fast life, find these makeup tools unusable in a short period. 

Makeup tools do not last long for two reasons: either the quality of the tools is not up to the mark, or people fail to take proper care of them. In case you are in a makeup tool business or wish to start one, enquire at BS Mall makeup brush or other renowned suppliers for getting quality products or specialized solutions for running a successful, thriving business. 

How To Increase The Longevity Of Your Makeup Brush

To increase the longevity and maintain the makeup tool’s quality, you should take care of them properly. This blog discusses some important points about why and how you should take care of your makeup brushes.

Always Purchase Good Quality Brushes

You should purchase the best quality brushes from reliable sellers. You should always clean the newly purchased item, as it may contain dust and residues from manufacturing or packing processes.

Make A Routine For Cleaning The Makeup Brush

When you use your brushes, polluted particles, bacteria, and dead skin cells accumulate in between the bristles, damaging the brush and your skin when you use it next. So, you must regularly clean the tools. For foundation brushes, cleaning is required once a week. However, you may clean powder brushes once every two weeks. Experts also recommend a deep cleaning once a month. 

For regular cleaning, wash out excess makeup by rinsing the brush bristles in lukewarm water. Next, put mild soap or shampoo or a cleansing pad on your palm. Then, swirl the wet brush bristles with a little pressure in the cleanser to produce a lather. Next, rinse the bristles in running water to remove the soap thoroughly. Ensure the bristles are only submerged in foam, not base, as that may loosen the glue attaching them to the brush.

After cleaning, remove excess water by jerking the brush and reshaping the bristles properly. Dry the brush by hanging them upside down in the air or putting them on a clean, dry towel.

Deep Cleaning

For deep cleaning, follow the same procedure as in the case of simple cleaning, but move the bristles more violently with fingers (wearing a silicone glove) or with the cleansing pad. Wash out the soap and then dry the tool.

Protection Of The Brush

Keep the brush in a protective case or guard to protect the bristles from damaging, breaking, or shaping awkwardly.


Regular cleaning increases the longevity of the makeup brushes and saves your skin from injuries from broken bristles and infections from bacteria and other pollutants. It also helps you in applying makeup smoothly. So make it a habit to follow the cleaning routine. 


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