Instagram Marketing: 18 Tips To Attract New Followers

Tips To Attract New Followers

Instagram is the pretty girl of social relationships on the network. She was the last to arrive, and yet she fell on the right foot. I want to reveal to you some marketing Tips To Attract New Followers on Instagram that will surely multiply your visibility on this network. 

For artists in general, it is already the first, and that is … uploading photos on Instagram is also an art.

Before moving on to the subject, let me reveal some real facts about the growth of Instagram. If, at this point, you are one of the few who have not yet given it the place it deserves in their music marketing strategy, I will end up convincing you.

There are currently more than 40 million photos. Each month, there are not less than 400 million users accessing this network. 75% of the people who use Instagram come from outside the US. Instagram beats Twitter in users, despite its scarce five years of life. One question, have I convinced you? I hope I tell you something else …

A photo or a video on Instagram causes a much greater emotional connection than a text on another medium. Come on, and what is coming? You are going to love it. It is possible that some tips sound familiar, and you know them, but surely there are some that will be integrated into your daily DNA, and that is my goal.

1 .Create an Identity

Having an optimal visual presence is increasingly important in a highly competitive environment such as music.

Study this aspect well in similar accounts that are on Instagram and draw positive and negative conclusions. Create a style guide and stick to it.

Define the personality of your brand (artist, group, DJ …) based on a study of the competition, and the elevation of the differential attributes that allow you to expose a personality with options.

A good identity will be achieved in part thanks to perceptions. Take care of the smallest details in all aspects so that the fan has an optimal perception of your brand.

2.Tell me what are you doing in a few characters

The description is an important element that we sometimes miss. Do not tell me that you are a musical group. Tell me what your product has that others do not have.

With the description, you will have a limitation in terms of the characters, so you will have to spin fine.

3.The profile link

Here we find one of the few ways to divert traffic from Instagram to the marked goal.

For example, if we want to sell tickets to our next concert, we could create a video for Instagram where at the end, the call to action leads to the link of the bio for people to carry out said action.

Change this link as many times as you consider appropriate and do it whenever it is to offer something relevant. Otherwise, it will not work.

  1. Create a unique stamp

It is important that when someone accesses your profile, they perceive that there is a graphic personality. That is, without stopping to see photo by photo, the unified tone of all those that make up the wall are connected to each other.

In this case, it can be said that what we want is to create an aesthetic and visual identity.

So that you understand what I am telling you, I will give you a couple of examples:

  Example 1 -> Tacobell

  Example 2 -> Bloomberg

As you can see, in both of the above cases, there is an aesthetic personality, and the mind, in the first thousandth of a second, will relate the climate of the images with the brand.

To achieve this, I recommend that:

If you use the filter, always be the same.

Try to unify criteria in your photos (types of angles, uniformity in colors, etc.)

5.Use filters or not

Use filters as long as you consider that it improves to its natural version, and this circumstance does not always occur.

Sometimes, the misuse of the filters does nothing more than hinder the message of the photo.

6.Link your accounts

It is one of the options offered by Instagram, linking accounts. In this sense, I recommend that you link it with Facebook more than with Twitter due to the operation of each social network.

7.Show your account wherever the public pays attention

Thinking of artists, I detail some spaces where you can give visibility to your Instagram account and thus attract qualified traffic:

On your website

In the description of your account on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

In the cover photo of all the networks where you are present.

In the design of flyers, invitations, tickets and tickets to events related to your product.

8.Take the first step in the conversation

One strategy that works a lot on Instagram is asking your community to upload photos based on a particular concept or theme. The important thing is that all those people who do it integrate a hashtag determined by you.

Take advantage of situations of the moment to play with the sense of immediacy and try to connect it with the personality of your project.

For example, if today were the day of working women, you could join this campaign by asking your community to send photos of their jobs.

  1. Well-executed contests bring

To make a good contest on Instagram, you will have to determine the objective of the contest, a good price and the mechanics of it.

The method that works best is to ask for three requirements to be able to participate:

  Let them follow your account.

  Leave a comment.

  Tag a friend.

With this formula, you are able to expand your brand on the platform and strengthen the community.

10.Designs with personality

If the features of Instagram to improve the design are not enough, I recommend using an external tool.

If you are a design professional, you may think of Photoshop, but in my case, it is not so, so I have had to investigate to find a tool whose usability allows creating great designs being “clumsy” in the matter like me. The tool I’m talking about is DesignCap.

11.Ask influencers to support you

Okay, yes, asking is not your thing, but if you do it politely and without abuse, it can work.

When you post something relevant, it would be interesting if you first asked people from your circle of friends with a certain social influence to share it.

One step higher would be to do the same with people with a higher level of influence. Just leave an honest comment and appeal to luck.

12.Leave jewels live

Instagram incorporated a few months ago the possibility of broadcasting live videos that would be deleted within 24 hours.

The effect of this type of piece in total, especially when playing with curiosity.

Use this format to offer your most personal part but… long as it adds value.

13.Instant Stories Contest

It is an excellent window to activate”pop up”contests, that is to say, that they disappear after a certain time.

This will lead to more participation from your community. You can do it by recording a sequence of several mini-videos chained together. There are many video makers that you can use to create, record or edit Instagram videos. FlexClip is the most used one for me recently. 

14.Determine the objectives

Although this is a point that must be executed in the primary phase, it is necessary to determine some objectives to mark a roadmap and try to fulfill them for the benefit of the project.

To do this, you must define:

What does Instagram contribute to my proposal that the others do not?

 How my fans behave on this network.

How Instagram would coexist with the other platforms integrated with the plan.

15.Structure the content to be published well

The contents will be the axis of your strategy on Instagram. To structure them well, here are some recommendations:

Define content topics (eg, short tutorial videos for musicians, photos always in action and never posing at concerts, etc.…).

What types of content (eg gifs, photos and videos).- In this sense, you could go to the set of applications for Instagram where you will find tools to improve the user experience, such as Hiperlapse and Boomerang.

How often you will have.- On Instagram, you have to let yourself be carried away in a way by the naturalness. Not posting too often is as damaging as doing it too much. Apply common sense.

16.Add a location map to your photos

Known as geo-tags, they serve to identify the place where the photo or video took place. The most interesting point about this section is that through localization, you can provide that many people connect with you.

With this Instagram tagging feature, you can transfer location information to platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Foursquare at the same time.

With this technique, you can promote your events or even activate contests based on geolocation.

  1. Link in the bio

One of the few effective formulas to divert traffic from Instagram to your website or another destination of our interest is modifying the link according to the photo of the bio.

For example, you can preview a fragment of the new video on YouTube and on Instagram and tell the community that if they want to see the full video, go to the link you have left in your bio.

  1. If you don’t measure, you won’t be able to draw conclusions

If you are serious about Instagram, it will be necessary to have tools that provide us with data in order to optimize resources.

The first of the needs that we must address is in measurement. Measuring will be decisive to know, in this case, what type of content is being more relevant, which followers are more active with our content, etc.

I recommend that you try iconosquare, one of the best measurement tools for Instagram. Apart from measuring, it offers other qualities to get more out of the network.


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