Interior design trends that are timeless

trends that are timeless

Interior design trends come and go every day- and designing their home based on what’s “trendy” is not feasible for everyone. With overconsumption at an all-time high, and internet aesthetic culture having a huge influence on the way we design our homes, interior design styles can go out of trend very quickly. However, some design trends have stood the test of time and are considered timeless in every setting. We have compiled a list of designs that are unlikely to go out of style, even in the long run. 

Neutral tones- trends that are timeless 

It is no surprise that neutral tones are at the top of our list- they work in every context and design style. They are a staple of a majority of interior designs- from traditional to modern, neutrals are seen as a great base to start with. To add neutrals to your space, you can use colours like crème, white, soft greys etc on the walls and then go all out with the furniture, if you like bolder colours. Or you can go for neutral walls and furniture and decorate in bold colours or trends with décor and accents that are relatively cheaper and easier to replace and change. 

By keeping your core items neutral, you provide yourself with a strong base to create a timeless and everlasting look. If you like certain furnishing trends like bold coloured furniture at the moment but are unsure if you will like it in the long run, you can do some DIY to get the trendy look temporarily for cheaper. In the case of sofas, you can use a sofa cover to cover it in any fabric of any colour while at the same time you preserve the neutrals underneath. For furniture items such as tables and dressers, you can use peel and stick vinyl that is extremely easy to use. 

Natural materials  

Natural materials not only elevate the look of your place but also makes them timeless- mostly because they add a charm to the space. One of the best ways to include natural materials into your space is by using wooden flooring. Different kinds of wooden flooring add different kinds of moods- for example, dark wooden floorings are known to make the space look sophisticated, whereas light wood flooring is known to reflect light and make the place look brighter and airier. 

Alternatively, you can add in straw and jute furniture and décor- jute rugs have never gone out of style and are considered timeless in themselves. Straw and wooden décor add to the charm by creating a very natural space. You can also consider bringing in plants- they add a lot of life into the room and have various benefits. From making the air fresher to bringing up your mood, plants play the perfect role in helping you connect with nature. 

Increasing the amount of sunlight you receive by adding in big windows and skylights is always a plus- it not only increases the resale value of the house but is something that will remain timeless. 

Built-in shelves 

From increased storage to better utilisation of the vertical space, built-in shelves, along with wall-mounted televisions, are something that is going to stay in trend for a long time. Not only do they look elegant and clean, but they also increase the moving space around the room. Moreover, with people moving to smaller homes or living on wheels, built shelves have become somewhat a necessity as any form of storage space needs to be utilised. 

Similarly, wall-mounted television makes the place look clean as it gives the room clean lines. They also allow for a better angle and are more convenient, making it a timeless way to have your technology in the room or create a focal point. To get your TV wall mounted by the professionals, click here

Wood wall panelling 

Wood wall panelling is considered one of the timeless interior design trends for its ability to make any room feel warm, cosy, and special. Fresh wooden features like wall panelling are perfect to add one-of-a-kind charm to the space. Moreover, with wall panelling, you will find that there is not much of a need to add anything to the walls as the panelling speaks for itself. 

If needed, wooden wall panelling can be painted into different colours, making them perfect for any kind of space and/or trend you wish to follow. One way to make your room stand out is by adding wallpaper to your panelling rather than paint- this will look cleaner, better, and make it easy to change. This technique has been used in various kinds of traditional and classic homes but is not being used in many kinds of interior designs- making it adaptive to whatever your personal style may be. 


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