Is It Poor Sleeping Habits or a Sleeping Disorder?

a Sleeping Disorder
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It’s quite usual nowadays for individuals to be sleep deprived either due to some stress, pulling all-nighters for exams, or completing an important work-related task. Even sometimes, you don’t get enough sleep due to absolutely no reason. And this makes you worry whether it’s merely poor sleeping habits or something worse, like a sleeping disorder. However, at times, sleep issues are solved by altering the basics such as changing your sleep environment, investing in a sleep accessory, or bedding like super-smooth silk pillow cases for a good night’s sleep. 

No matter what, this article will help you figure out your sleep-related worries and will provide you with some solutions as well. Keep reading!

Poor Sleeping Habits

If you have been facing trouble falling asleep as soon as you hit your cozy pillow, and you have to go through countless tosses and turns at night before you finally can get to restorative sleep, chances are that you have poor sleeping habits.

How to Treat Poor Sleeping Habits?

In order to amend your poor sleeping habits, so you can be more productive in your daily life, implement these tips.

Get Rid of Electronic Devices

Using your phones, tablets, or laptops right before you go to bed has become a norm now. They emit sleep-disrupting blue light, therefore, you shouldn’t use these devices 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

Limit the Intake of Caffeine 

Caffeinated drinks like energy drinks, soft drinks, or coffee can inhibit the production of sleep hormones. You should totally avoid such caffeinated drinks by evening to prevent countless tosses and turns.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety due to any reason can prevent you from sleeping properly at night. Usually when the stress goes away, so does the sleeping problem. However, you should mediate or journal before going to bed in times of stress to relax your mind.

Ensure an Adequate Sleep Environment

Whether it’s your extra loud neighborhood, bright light in the room, inadequate room temperature, or uncomfortable bedding, try to fix these issues to create a relaxing sleep environment.

Sleeping Disorder

If it’s been three or more than three months that you are only able to get only three nights of sleep per week, it means that you have a sleeping disorder called chronic insomnia.

How to Treat Sleeping Disorder?

As chronic insomnia won’t go away by merely incorporating some home remedies, you may need the help of a professional doctor or a therapist.

At times, insomnia can be a reason for an underlying condition like restless leg syndrome, acid reflux, respiratory issues, pain, and congestive heart failure. So, treating the condition may cure your insomnia. In case, it’s a certain medication causing insomnia, you can talk to your doctor.

You may also be given different medications to treat your insomnia, but they can be addictive and come with many side effects like daytime sleepiness, forgetfulness, and balance issues.

Moreover, cognitive behavioral therapy has been quite effective in the treatment of insomnia as it helps to change the mindset that’s causing insomnia and teaches better sleep habits like cognitive techniques, relaxation techniques, and paradoxical intention.  


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