8 Issues of kidney Stones in Women: You Must Know

kidney stones in women

In recent days Kidney Stones in Women has become a significant concern. Most of the women who are early 40-50 has become a victim of kidney stone. It is high time we have to create awareness for everyone about this matter. 

Are you a patient with a Kidney stone? Suffer a lot from this disease. Then you must be understanding the depth of this article. Every woman should be aware of kidney stone diseases. They should know its causes, symptoms, treatment. 

In this useful article, we described every stage of kidney stone. And also, what should we do or not do when you have gravel in your kidney. So, without any further do keep reading this article.

What are kidney stones in a woman? 

It’s a form of different chemicals in urine. When the human body starts urine formation, there have some harmful chemicals that might create kidney stones. A kidney stone can form your regular habit of foods. 

Different kidney stones can be created through the human body, such as calcium oxalate, uric acid, struvite, and cystine. Among all the uric acid is the most vital to happen. On a survey, the medical instructor says that among 10, one person has kidney stones in women.  

Kidney stones are usually in the form of calcium oxalate stones. Oxalates are a substance that’s are made in your liver by absorbing your daily diet meal. Lots of veggies, fruits, and as well as nuts these foods contain high oxalate.  

Kidney stones can come with similar symptoms of another disease. It comes with slight pain in your lower belly, vomiting, nausea, fever, and chills. Have blood with your urine is the most verified symptoms of kidney stone. Women should be aware of these symptoms very well. 

Why kidney stones get the form in humans? 

The human body consumes many cycles in them, for the digestive process and filtration and another program. The Infiltration process our kidney uses to filter all the nutrients and energies for our body. But sometimes, for bad digestion routine, our filtration process got disturbed. 

So that our kidneys can’t filter all the wastes on the whole. And, in future, those wastes came to nasty chemicals and started to form stones. As much time goes the problem gets worse. Besides, if the stone is significant, it can cause pain in urine flow. That can lock our urethra and create urine problems. 

Most of the diagnosis has measured that. 40% of women suffer urine problems for a destructive and unhealthy lifestyle. It is also a common reason for kidney stones in women. Every woman should be aware of this disease, or it will be a great disaster. 

8 Causes of Kidney stones in women: 

There has a lot of causes or factors that might cause kidney stones. Let’s see the significant eight factors of having kidney stones. 

Do not drink proper water: 

As we all know, a complete person should have 10-12 glasses of plenty of water every day. As the human body is a structure with 70% of water. So, we must supply proper water intake for our body. 

A kidney stone can take the shape of the lacking of sufficient water. In medical research, doctors have claimed that lack of water. And have over protein in your meal are the leading cause of kidney stone in women.  

Suppose you feel boring to have that much water in a day. You can have some lemonade or some juice in time. So that your body keeps hydrating and the filtration process of your body might be apparent.  

Everyday diet meal: 

Your everyday diet can also affect creating kidney stones. Especially for women who are very conscious about their fitness. They don’t think about anything and started to dieting. That can cause significant factors of kidney stones in women. 

We should not have that food in our diet plan what can cause kidney stone. As we know, calcium and oxalate food can cause kidney stones most. So, we need to have a balance of these two types of elements in our diet. 

Increasement of sodium in your body: 

There has a measurement for every element in our body. Increasing sodium can create big stones in the kidney. As we are fond of extra salted food, preserve cans, red meat. All these food products include a high amount of sodium.  

So, we need to control the amount of having these foods. Or it will raise the chances of forming different big stones. 

Uric acid factors: 

People who are non-vegetarian love to have animal protein. But we are not aware of the side effect of these. Having extra protein on an everyday meal can increase the uric acid level in our body. Uric acid raises the level of kidney stones most.  

Besides, red meat and shellfish can also increase the sodium level. That might create both urine and stone problem. We should try out to decrease animal protein as much as possible. 

Obesity might cause stone: 

Obesity can also make a chance of forming kidney stones in women. Sometimes over gaining weight might increase the chances of kidney stones. Some weight loss processes also can create kidney stones. We always should live a healthy and fit lifestyle to avoid harmful diseases. 

Weight loss surgery: 

A recent study of medical resources says different weight loss surgery might great for pounds decreases. But it can cause kidney stones because this surgery goes through the bypass treatment that creates a harmful effect on our kidneys. 


The human body produces many useful hormones. But overflow of hormones can be dangerous for our health. Such as if our parathyroid glands reduce a cascade of hormones that can increase our calcium level. We have seen before in the article calcium increasing can raise kidney stones. 

So, we need to control our hormone reduction to avoid kidney stone disease. 

Medications side effect: 

Sometimes the extra dose of any substances or antibiotics can harm our health. If you have diabetes or you have any more prolonged disease. Like high blood pressure, then you might have increased power medicine. These medicines can also be a cause of creating kidney stones. We should not have a high dose of medicine all at one time.  

That can cause more difficulties to our body. We should also be aware of this thing. 


Different types of Kidney stones in women: 

If you find some symptoms of kidney stone, then you should also know the types of it. There as a lot of kinds of kidney stones. Different styles are forming with various substances. Let know the types of kidney stone in women might have. 

  • Calcium stone: 

These are mainly formed for increasing the calcium level in the body. Calcium oxalate can create difficulties in filtering. There are two types of calcium stones forming in the human body. 

  1. Calcium oxalate is formed with oxalate substances in our body. That might create calcium oxalate stone. 
  2. Calcium phosphate stones mostly happen with people who have metabolic conditions. When human kidneys get unable to maintain the acidic balance, these types of rock can form. Besides, those people who are suffering from migraines or handling seizures might have this stone. 
  • Uric acid: 

This type of kidney stone mostly happens with those people. Who are on high protein dieting or intake high purine included foods? Most of the time, red meat and shellfish might contain high purine. That can increase uric acid balance in urine and form kidney stones. 

  • Struvite stones: 

It is a scarce type to describe. Mostly the people who have the upper urinary tract might face these types of kidney stones. 

This kidney stone mostly comes with a family trend. Suppose anyone in the family record has kidney stones before. Then it is rare to reach it with blood relation also. It is called genetic disorder syndrome. 

Symptoms of kidney stone in women: 

Kidney stone symptoms come with slight pain. However, kidney stones are like little grain of sand. But the doctor says as much larger the stone come; the sign is more noticeable. The stone can be any in shape or color or weight, but the symptoms are quite similar.  

  • You may feel pain in your lower belly, side or back, in ribs and testicles also. 
  • Feel pain to going pee 
  • Struggle a lot to having a pee 
  • You may pass a little urine in a whole day 
  • Might see red or pinkish blood in your urine 
  • Most of the time, the terrible smell from your pee 
  • Sometimes stones are visual in your urine 
  • Nausea and vomiting both are so common 
  • Fever and chills 

It’s more trouble when it creates a blockage in your urethra if the symptoms or complications seems most that might need urgent treatment. If you see those symptoms in anyone, consult with a doctor soon. 

Kidney stone treatment: 

The first and foremost cure for this disease to have plenty of water. The more you drink water regularly, you can also prevent this disease. For women, man or children, treatment of kidney stones is quite the same.  

Most of the time, kidney stones in women pass out of their own without causing any harm. But if it does pain a lot, your doctor can remove the crystal. It also depends on the condition of the stone in your body. That can take a longer time to take treatment. 

Doctors try to pass out the stone without any surgery as much as possible. They try to give proper medication for it to trim the pain level. But if the stone gets more extensive, then it’s better to do surgery without any delay. Or it may cause urine infection.  

Prevention of kidney stone in women: 

A new generation has invented a lot of new technology of treatment. But proverbs says that “prevention is better than cure.” So, we all need to follow this law of nature. 

You are having a proper diet meal, fresh fruits, the right amount of water. And a healthy lifestyle will always help you to prevent these diseases. Your choice of good dairy will also help to avoid it. Do some research before having any types of food. Try to balance every kind of food in your regular meal. 

Also, know the cause of kidney stones in women to prevent it ease. Then try to avoid or follow up all the factors to maintain it. Can take these measures to prevent kidney stones. 

FAQ- Frequently Asked Question to kidney stones in women

  • Question: Is it safe to go for surgery on a kidney stone? 

Answer: Perhaps it depends on what or which stage of kidney stone you are fighting. If the disease increases in infection, then the doctor may suggest having surgery. 

  • Question: What type of stone mostly common? 

Answer: All the types of stone causes in the body. But uric acid and calcium stones are common in every case. 

  • Question: If my family background has these diseases, does it also happen to me? 

Answer: 40% cases show that kidney stone in women has occurred for their family background. So, if anyone in your family has this problem, it may also run in your blood. You need to be aware of these matters to prevent them. 

Final verdict to kidney stones in women: 

Whatever the disease is, the main concern should be to cure it. Kidney stone in women is increasing day by day. All the beautiful women should be aware of this matter of concern. Not only women, men, and kids are also worse sufferers of kidney stones.  

Kidney stone can’t be avoidable at all. It may bring unwanted harm for a lifetime. So, we all should know every information about this. Besides, those people who are already sufferer of it should lead maintaining the lifestyle to cure it. A healthy balance of food can always save you from any disease. So, stay fit, stay healthy, to lead a happy life. 



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