Know How to Style a Men’s Fedora and Wear It the Right Way

a Men's Fedora

Most of us visualize a fedora whenever anyone discusses trying out hats as style accessories. Fedora hat styles never went out of fashion, and every time they make their presence felt with something new to be added or tried with. It is one of the classiest and elevated accessories you can think of wearing. When we wear our outfits, we pay attention to the occasion. Every dress has an appropriate event to be worn at. Similarly, wearing a hat requires the right moment and occasion. Else, this classy hat might turn into a style faux pas. Choosing the right outfit along with the hat will make sure that you have an impeccable sense of fashion. Learning the right trick to carry out a men’s fedora elegantly will portray you as a style icon to be looked up to for inspiration by your near and dear ones. 

What’s a men’s fedora?

A hat that has a pliable two to three inches wide brim with an indented crown and pinched on both sides is commonly referred to as the fedora hat. Initially, men used fur felt to make these hats, but as the demands rose, many other fabrics like wool, straw, leather, synthetic blends, and cotton twill began to be used to make the fedoras. 

Fedora: a classy accessory

No doubt, it is a dressy hat. Attributes like smart, fashionable, bold, elegant, and stylish – all can be used to describe a fedora hat. You put it on your head and team it up with the right clothes, it will scream out style wherever you decide to go. Wearing it with a suit and tie is the best option. You can wear them to weddings, fancy dinner parties, black tie events, and even casual events (choose a straw fedora in this case). But never, ever think of wearing it to a funeral. It is a strict no. 

Wearing it the right way

  • Look for the perfect fit

The first and foremost thing you must be careful about wearing the hat is the size. See whether it fits you perfectly or is drooping down on your forehead (because it is bigger than your head size). A well-fitted fedora should sit comfortably on your head. Only half of your forehead will be visible. Try tilting the hat and check whether the style suits you or not. Else, wear it straight. 

  • Choosing the right outfit

Choose an appropriate attire to go with the hat. Your hat shouldn’t be more decorative than your outfit. If you intend to dress up in a nice tailored suit, a fedora (preferably made of wool) with a fine hat band will be a good choice. You can team up a felt fedora with your tuxedo. 

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Often people ask, whether fedoras can be paired with casual wear. Well, if we consider the rule of fashion, then the answer is no. But everyone likes to break or bend the rule. If you are thinking of adorning it with a casual outfit, opt for a men’s straw fedora. They can be really a trend-setter when worn with a nice collared shirt and the right pair of jeans. 

  • Choosing the right color

Choosing the right color might be hard at times because when you eventually decide to make your purchase, you will look for a neutral color that will go with most of your outfits. Yet, when you visit the shop or a web page, and as you scroll down, you can fall in love with a fedora having a unique hue. It becomes too tough for you to decide. The best thing we can suggest is to opt for colors that usually fall in place with most of our clothes like black, light beige, and grey. They are the safest color options when it comes to choosing the shade. You do not need to think so much while choosing a straw fedora because most of them will seam in with your casual outfits. 

  • Choosing the right brim size

Playing around with the brim size of your fedora hat can accentuate your facial features. If you have a thin or egg-shaped face, a wide-brimmed fedora hat can balance out your elongated facial features. On the other hand, if you possess a fuller and round face, avoid choosing a wider brim. Short brim fedoras (often mistaken as trilbies) should not be your fedora hat option to try out if you have a large head size. It will make your head appear bigger.

  • Choosing the right style

Style it as the occasion demands. As mentioned above, you get fedoras in many variations. Giving importance to the event you are going to attend is of prime importance, but the climate and the dress you are going to wear also has a say in choosing the right fedora style. If you are planning a vacation to a warmer place, carry a straw fedora. But if it’s the reverse, and you are expecting to be welcomed by a chilly breeze, wool fedora would be an excellent (and most obvious) choice. Leather fedoras depict a bold style statement. They look best with the urban style of dresses. You should not mess around with this style if you are not very sure of what you are doing. 

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Men with long hair, hear it out

Hair length is a personal choice. Many men like to keep their hair long. But when it comes to experimenting with the hat styles, they hesitate to go ahead and try something new. Fedoras go extremely well with long hair. If you have the right attitude, you can carry them as elegantly as anyone else. Place it on your head and stash away your hair neatly behind your ears. Try out the look in front of a mirror to become more confident about yourself. 

The most effective method to Wear a Fedora the Right Way

Assuming you are going to one of the occasions referenced over, this is the way to wear your fedora. To start with, it should fit accurately. The cap ought not be too enthusiastic about your head, and it ought not hang down over your temple. The fedora should rest easily marginally over the focal point of your temple, or more your ears. Slant the fedora to the side marginally assuming that the look suits you, in any case wear it straight and focused this is consistently the smartest option for wearing a fedora.

Match the fedora to your outfit. Ensure it isn’t fancier than your garments. In the event that you are wearing a sharp, custom-made suit, a fleece fedora with a decent cap band and tolerably in vogue highlight is a fine decision. Save the ultra sharp hide felt fedoras for your tuxedo or upscale suit. The shade of the fedora should match the suit or be lighter than it. At times, a dark fedora will be a fine emphasize for a lighter suit. For example, a dark fedora can make a red or green suit pop, you’ll need to rely upon your own feeling of shading and style while matching the fedora to your outfit.


Lastly (but not least), we would advise you to buy a good quality a men’s fedora hat because a cheap hat will never accentuate your look. And once you have finally made your purchase, take adequate care of it. You will never regret buying a fedora hat. And do not forget to have fun!


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