Love Is In The Air


Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air
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LOVE IS IN THE AIR I’ve always dreamt of an non-conventional wedding. The kind of event where there’s only your closest friends and closest relatives, with that relaxed, cheerful and genuine atmosphere where all the stress blows away once you realize in your guests’ eyes that they are there for you, only to see you happy. Being a hopeless wild spirit, I would love to celebrate my wedding on the beach or on the countryside, in contact with nature, under the sun, with a simple setting which might just include a few chairs, an arch, as well as white flowers everywhere. I’d wear a light sheer dress, something with a casual hippie twist, or even a white plain suit, to then party all night long until the sun rises again. What really matters is you and mostly who’s in front of you. What really matters is to marry the man you love, the one that’ll always be the one and only. I feel that love is in the air. Don’t you? Xoxo, Irene



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