Moissanite vs Diamond – A Worthy Diamond Alternative?


It is best, to begin with, a little bit of history when contrasting moissanite vs. diamonds. Moissanite gems have been around for less than 200 years, as opposed to diamonds, which have been known for between 3000 and 6000 years.

Most individuals are unaware that they actually originate from the stars: Henri Moissan was fortunate enough to be able to examine a meteor that crashed into the earth in the late 19th century. 

Despite initially believing he was holding diamonds in his palms; he eventually received a Nobel Award for it. He was actually carrying silicon carbide, a naturally occurring material. Typically, silicon carbide is only present in meteors that strike the earth.

Moissan and the other researchers discovered a stone that would eventually be known as moissanite, which is incredibly rare and hard. Nowadays, most moissanite is manufactured in laboratories due to its scarcity. similar to lab-grown diamonds

In this article, we contrast the various qualities of moissanite and real diamonds, which vary in terms of their cost, color, hardness, and brightness. We’ll also talk about moissanite rings and if they make a viable alternative to engagement rings. You will discover how Moissanite compares to diamonds.

Comparing diamond and moissanite


Although it is not the hardest mineral known to exist, moissanite is quite close. It receives a value of 9.25 to 9.5 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which rates the hardness of substances. Steel, in contrast, only obtains a rating of 4 to 4.5. 

Except for diamonds, of course, it is the hardest gemstone by a significant margin. It is particularly resistant to scuffs, heat, and other everyday wear indicators because of how hard it is.

A diamond is the world’s hardest material, unlike moissanite. A diamond is given a score of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which rates the hardness of things. Diamonds are so hard that it is impossible to locate any scratches on them. 

A diamond’s beauty endures forever. Some claim that this is what makes it the ideal gemstone for an engagement ring, representing a relationship that will last forever.


As it is its natural color, nearly colorless moissanite is highly prevalent. A colorless moissanite resembles a k-color diamond and can occasionally appear yellow-green in certain lighting situations. Over time, the hue won’t alter.

A colorless diamond is the most preferred type of diamond. A diamond’s hue is rated according to how clear or colorless it is. Low color grade diamonds have a yellow or brown appearance.

Brilliance and Fire

The stone’s capacity to reflect light is referred to as brilliance. It controls to a significant level the amount of sparkle the gem will have. A diamond’s brilliance can vary depending on its cut and color grades, among other things. 

These elements do not have as great of an impact on moissanite. Actually, when compared to a diamond, moissanite glows more. Some individuals favor more glitz, while others don’t. The moissanite looks somewhat out of place because of the excessive quantity of shine. 

The same holds true with cubic zirconia, as a side note. However, moissanite jewelry has a little more pricey appearance than cubic zirconia. In order to provide some context, a diamond’s brilliance refractive index is 2.42, moissanite’s is 2.65, and sapphire is 1.77. One of the few stones on earth that naturally sparkles, a diamond is one of the most beautiful stones there is.


There are inclusions in moissanite stones. But you won’t be able to see them with your naked eye because they are so small. They are lab-grown, which naturally contributes to the fact that the price of moissanite is far less than the price of diamonds, and this is one reason why they barely have any apparent inclusions.

Nearly 99.9% of all diamonds that are found naturally have flaws and imperfections. The GIA and AGS assign a grade to the seriousness of these inclusions and flaws. High-clarity grade diamonds that are nearly flawless are quite valuable. 

The majority of inclusions in the higher classes are so minute that you cannot detect them with the naked eye, so you can choose lower clarity ratings instead.

Differences in cut and carat

However, unlike diamonds, jewelers are not concerned with the weight of a moissanite stone. This is so that we may avoid using carats to measure moissanite. They will therefore always select the better cut. In addition to moissanite stones with brilliant cuts, you may also find other well-liked cuts and shapes, like princess or oval cuts. 

The brilliant-cut diamond, which is graded by the GIA and AGS, is the most common diamond cut. The most shine may be seen in a diamond when the cut is excellent. To maintain the most weight, jewelers will occasionally opt for a lesser cut grade.


You might be surprised to learn that before De Beers used savvy marketing to revive interest in diamonds, they were truly on the verge of being out of style. Diamonds changed their entire path and became the most coveted gemstones in the world by being marketed as a sign of unwavering love and commitment. 

A so-called girl’s best friend was discovered to be diamonds. They became extremely popular, which caused their prices to soar. This has also put unnecessary pressure on some men to buy their girls engagement rings with real diamonds as a sign of their love. 

As a result, some of these men ended up spending too much on something even though they didn’t have to. Instead, they can save that sum of money for their future together.

Is Moissanite a Good Option for an Engagement Ring?

Some people favor diamond rings, while others want engagement rings with moissanite. The decision is entirely up to you. Although a diamond is incomparably stronger and harder than anything else, moissanite comes quite close. 

It is also significantly less expensive, which can make it an appealing option if you have a limited budget but still desire a rather large stone. The fact that moissanite is not a blood diamond is another assurance. And practically everyone would concur that a moissanite engagement ring would be distinctive.


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