Oregano Oil: The Best Way to Ensure Overall Health

Ensure Overall Health

Oregano is a type of herb well-known for its extraordinary fragrance, making it a primary ingredient in Italian food. However, other than just fragrance and a tasty food addiction, oregano offers many more benefits to ensure overall health.

Wild oregano possesses several medicinal properties to ensure overall health, but it is widely used in its extract form, the oregano oil. Its essential oil is loaded with potent compounds and has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties that offer several health benefits to ensure overall health.

Oregano essential oil is extremely beneficial when applied topically combined with some other oil; however, always remember that essential oils should never be consumed orally.

Oregano oil, known as Origanum Vulgare, is derived from the dried leaves and shoots of the oregano plant. Once the plant parts are completely dried, the essential oil of oregano is extracted using a steam distillation process.

Being a nutrient-dense herb, the organic oregano is extensively used to benefit the body in multiple ways; some of the potential benefits being mentioned below.

Strong antioxidant properties

Since oregano oil obtained from oregano in Australia is an extremely rich source of antioxidants, it is widely used for medicinal purposes, particularly for improving your body’s immune system. This is because the antioxidants-rich oregano oil helps prevent the damage caused by free radicals on your body.

Oral Health

The essential oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can significantly reduce bacterial and fungal infections in our mouths, thereby promoting better health. Also, since it offers efficient antibacterial benefits, oregano oil is equally efficient in fighting bacterial infections within the body.

Moreover, it is extensively used in combination with coconut oil for oral oil pulling treatments.

Kills Gut Bacteria

It has been found that the potent Oregano essential oil might help treat severe bacterial issues pertaining to your body, such as SIBO. People suffering from SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Growth) have an increased growth of bacteria in their intestines, which leads to severe gastrointestinal problems. In addition to controlling bacterial infections in your gut, it is also known to stimulate healthy gut bacterial growth simultaneously.

Moreover, the oil also helps eliminate toxins from your body when taken in moderation as a dietary supplement.

Natural Antibiotic

Oregano essential oil contains certain compounds that aid in fighting harmful bacteria. Topically applying the essential oil on your skin or even taking its supplements equally helps impart effective antibacterial effects on your body.

Natural Antibiotic

Some researchers have found that combining oregano oil with silver nano particles is found to eliminate all types of antibiotic bacteria tested.

Potential Analgesic and Anti- Inflammation Effects

Several studies have shown that essential oregano oil aids inflammation reduction in the body. Moreover, it also offers powerful analgesic effects, which may help to relieve pain. Applying it topically frequently can help reduce muscle soreness. Thanks to its analgesic effects, the oil is sometimes used to get relief from cold and flu or a sore throat.


So, inculcate oregano oil in your lives today. If you use the oil as directed, it would be entirely safe to use.


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