Pick the right product to swaddle a baby in style and comfort

to swaddle a baby
to swaddle a baby

Is it important to swaddle a baby? Although not an essential element, it is an important and helpful step in making a baby sleep through the night with comfort. If you look at the science behind it, a good swaddle will mimic the warmth and constraints of a womb, allowing the baby to feel secure. How to choose the right swaddle from loads of options out there?

Right product to swaddle a baby

The traditional method of swaddling a baby is a long blanket. By far, this method is one of the commonly used methods. However, it is not easy to learn and wrap or unwrap a kid without waking it up. The second style of product is a sack, essentially a tiny sleeping bag with velcros or zips to keep the baby tight. It does not take long to master using slacks, and the Velcro allows you to change a diaper without completely unwrapping or waking the baby. There are different types of sacks. The most common one is the sleeping bag style. You can also find ones similar to onesies with no opening for the limbs. However, the swaddle onesie does not give enough grip to the babies, as they can move their limbs around.

Right material to swaddle a baby

While choosing the right material to swaddle a baby, you ought to know that the material you are about to choose should be smooth and soft. It is best to have a simple one with no decorative beads, mirrors, or such. You can find four common materials in this product, like cotton muslin, bamboo, jersey, and organic fibers. The thickness of the blanket or other type of swaddle should depend on the climate. A winter night would make a thick swaddle more comfortable for the kid.

Is cotton muslin right to swaddle a baby?

You can see certain products tagged as muslin, some as cotton, muslin cotton, and other combination. Muslin is the type of weaving that is common with cotton fabric. However, you can find muslin style in almost all fabrics. Thus, cotton, muslin, and cotton muslin are three different products. Check whether the product you are about to buy is 100% cotton muslin. This material is lightweight, easy to handle, takes lesser time to dry, and keeps your baby cool. If you were to choose between cotton and cotton muslin, cotton muslin is more comfortable and soft.

How about bamboo to swaddle a baby?

If you want to keep up with the trend, bamboo is the commonly sought one. However, you cannot find 100% bamboo. You can find bamboo rayon or bamboo cotton. Bamboo is best considering that it is naturally antibacterial. Bamboo materials come with a longer weave than traditional cotton. It is also very hypoallergic and right for very young babies. It is smooth and stretchy like cotton and absorbs or evaporates water way faster than cotton. Thus, the baby stays dry and warm. You can also find material made with bamboo rayon and cotton muslin combination. However, if you are choosing within these categories, there will not be much of a difference.

Choosing jersey to swaddle a baby

Jersey is naturally stretchy, and thus, you can give the baby a good grip, and they can move around when needed. Some manufacturers might call it cotton jersey. It is technically true, as the jersey is a mix of cotton with polyester or other materials. If you are looking for a far more stretchy version, you can choose knitted cotton jersey. If you are a new parent who fancy swaddling blankets, the jersey would be a comfortable option.

Cotton gauze for a swaddle

If you are to swaddle a baby with modern and colorful materials, cotton gauze would be a great option. It has a crinkly texture and is lightweight. However, it is very absorbent than other cotton blends, and it needs a little experience to get the grip right with the cotton gauze. Moreover, gauze easily shrinks when you wash it repeatedly.

Using organic cotton for swaddling

Organic cotton is the material grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers. The organic cotton material is costlier, and you cannot test whether it is organic or just a marketing gimmick. If your baby is prone to allergies, it is best to choose organic cotton. Organic cotton also lasts longer than the blends. If your kid shows skin rashes while using cotton, it could be due to chemical retention in the fabric due to the usage of chemicals in processing. Organic cotton does not contain any chemical residue.

Printed designs for a swaddle

It is quite common to find swaddles with printed or painted designs. Fabric painted materials are not very popular as the baby’s skin could create an allergic reaction to the paint’s chemicals. If you are choosing printed clothing, it is best to avoid any designs that embed or decrease the smoothness. The plain cloth is the best option, but if you wish to put your baby in a stylish swaddle, be cautious about the prints and paints.

Zipper, Velcro, and other mechanisms

If you are planning to pick a swaddle blanket, this is not of your concern. Other types of swaddles will have any one of the locking mechanisms. Zippers are quite handy but do not last long, as you would be using it very frequently. Zippers keep the kid well wrapped. A Velcro is a good option too, but as the kid grows, it can kick its way out of the Velcro. Some products assure you high-class Velcro with a good grip. Such a Velcro will make a loud sound when you remove it, thereby waking up the baby.

Remember that one swaddle is not enough, as the baby would wet itself or spit on it. Thus, it is essential to buy at least a couple of swaddles. Therefore, keep the budget in mind too. Do not buy too long blankets or try to stuff your baby in a smaller one. Choose the one that fits the age requirements of your baby.


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