Google Pixel 4a Release Date, Rate, And Review

pixel 4a release date

Pixel 4a is an updated version of pixel 3a that comes with some unique features and specs. The phone is the best alternative to the OnePlus and Moto G 5G Plus. However, mobile lovers are eagerly waiting for the pixel 4a release date. 

In 2019, Google hugely announced pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL release date in the annual developer conference. But because of Covid19, they were unable to arrange any meeting to launch the pixel 4a. 


However, they finally launched the phone by keeping away all the rumors.


By the way, if I get a chance to tell you about pixel 4a in a word, I would say “predictable.” besides, the android phone may not provide high specs, but you can feel it as iPhone SE 2. It has proved its dignity by all kinds of aspects like design, display, camera, and performance, etc. 


So, you will lose nothing if you have a Google pixel 4a in your hand in 2021.  However, they will initially launch the phone in the US and then to the rest of the world for their fans. 


What Does Pixel 4a Release Date?

Google’s pixel 4a just followed its ancestors, such as 3a or 3a XL. However, as far as we know, there is no exact meaning of 4A, by the way. And Google does not say anything specific about it. 

But we, as a user, assume something that might be the meaning. We can say “A” meant for “Affordable,” or it can be “Awesome. 

Google Pixel 4a Release Date And Price

Maximum of us already know a little bit about the features and specs of pixel 4a. Because of today’s world, the news spreads very fast. However, here I will talk about the most sought topic: pixel 4a release date and rate. So, let’s get into it. 


The Price Of Google Pixel 4a

The price of pixel 4a is 349 US dollars. By the way, there is an interesting thing about setting the price at only $349. Initially, Google released its first phone, the Pixel 3a, at the cost of $399. And they got lessons very well. So, when they launched pixel 4a, they didn’t make mistakes again. That is a good thing. 


You may think why I am saying that. There is a reason for this. Because Google knows that they will have to compete with Samsung’s A51 and Apple’s iPhone SE, so, that is why they set the price at $349 with 128GB storage to compete in the market. 

In my view, they were not wrong because you are getting a whole lot of phone features at an affordable cost. 

Google Pixel 4a Release Date

When I am writing this article, pixel 4a was already released. So, you do not need to wait for so long to grab your favorite phone. It is already in the retail market waiting for you. 

Therefore, Google launched the phone on August 20th of 2020. 


By the way, there was so much speculation before launching the phone because of the corona epidemic. However, you can now buy it from several Google stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, or any other US-based retail shop. 

What About Pixel 4a Specs And Features

Here we will talk about all features and specs you are going to have in pixel 4a. After reading this, you will confirm that pixel 4a is a full feature with a low cost. 


  • Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.7 x 0.3 inches.
  • Weight: 143g.
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon of 730G.
  • Display: 5.8 inches FHD and 1080 x 2340 OLED.
  • Memory: 6GB RAM.
  • Battery: 3140mAh.
  • Storage: 128GB.
  • Front Camera: 8MP.
  • Back Camera: 12.2MP.
  • Audio: Stereo Speakers.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11, 2 x 2 MIMO, Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C.
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm.
  • Security: Titan M Security Module.
  • Features: Android sensor hub.
  • Operating System: Android 10. 


We may already guess that it has some beautiful features at an affordable cost. In addition, you will have a live caption feature with recording. 


By the way, there are no face locking features in pixel 4a. However, you will get a finger sensor on the backside to lock and unlock the phone. 


We will talk about in detail the significant features later in this article. So, keep continuing with us. 


Pros And Cons Of Google Pixel 4a

Here I will present you with the benefits and drawbacks of buying the pixel 4a. It will help you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.



  • Wonderful single Camera
  • The phone is fast while updating.
  • Eye Catching OLED screen. 
  • You can use it with one hand.
  • Affordable price.
  • Powerful headphone jack.



  • Medium quality battery life.
  • No 5G features.
  • There is no wireless charging. 
  • Small screen.


Design Of Google Pixel 4a

If I say in a sentence, the pixel 4a is cute and has a minimalist design. You will be able to use it by using your one hand. And the mobile is fully compact in 144 x 69.4 x 8.2mm dimensions. 


By the way, I know that you can’t wait for the pixel 4a release date to buy the phone. 


Also, Google has built the phone smaller than google pixel 3a. As a result, the mobile is easy to handle in one hand. Besides, it gives you a premium user experience while browsing or chatting with friends. So, those who have relatively small hands can hold it easily on their palm. 


In Addition, pixel 4a is easy to handle but small and has a low weight. The phone has only 143g of value that makes it better and lighter than the iPhone SE.


By the way, you will not get any earbuds in the provided box. But if you already have one, you can use them with google pixel 4a. And you do not even need an adapter for it. 


There is a similarity between pixel 3a and pixel 4a, and that is the fingerprint sensor. In addition, they added a digit-based scanner to the pixel 4a.

Display Of Google Pixel 4a

A 5.81 inches OLED display will give you a fantastic screening experience. Google pixel 4a also supports HD+ resolution with HDR support. In addition, the bezel-less pixel feature brings a bright and clear screen for you.


Although the screen size is 0.2 inches larger than pixel 3a, the google properly cares about the size. By the way, Google has brought a bezel-less screen for the first time that is flowing everywhere. If you notice carefully, you might see a sliver to the base of the display. 


And the phone is trimming in the last of the display, which is thicker than their rivals. 


On the other hand, the 5.81 inches provide a full resolution screen by featuring OLED. So, you are getting a 1080 x 2340 display resolution, and the density will be 443ppi. That is a very charming ratio of 19.5:9.


Besides, the HDR makes you enjoy Netflix in a good mood. The color, the scene will be clear and lively—however, maximum user concern with the battery life. Although we will talk about it later, you can ensure yourself you are getting good battery life. 

Camera Of Google Pixel 4a

You are getting a dual camera to click some amazing photos. Google pixel 4a comes with 8MP in the front camera. On the other hand, it has a 12.2MP in the back camera. Capture processing is swift and smooth. 


In addition, you can click photos in the night light with a clear view. However, you may find lots of phones with multiple cameras in the market. But you need to make sure that various cameras can’t give a good shoot. 


By the way, pixel 4a has featured its back camera with a f/1.7 and 84-degree area of view. Therefore, the google pixel 4a release date is already open for all users. So, you should grab it click the beautiful moments.


Should I Buy The Google Pixel 4a?

Here I will tell you some conditions that will help you decide whether you need this phone. I will base the state according to the requirements you. So, let’s jump into the topic. 


Buy It If…

You can buy this phone if you fulfill these conditions. Such as, 


If You Want A Phone That Can Be Used By One Hand

Nowadays, phones are becoming big, and they are not easy to set on your palm. So, it is scarce to have a small phone and have all the essential features. However, the google pixel 4a is giving you the solution and make your dream real. 


So, the phone is a compact and rounded border that can help you to catch the phone in one hand. 


If You Love The Google’s Devices And Want Budget-Friendly Phone Set

When you have all the home devices and habitual of google assistant, buying a google phone is not a bad idea. In today’s world, Google is everywhere, from your home to your car. 


So, the google pixel 4a will add something useful to the other devices to control them. Besides, it will add an extra move that can fasten your everyday work. 


In addition, a google featured phone is one second to give the info you need. You will need to say just “OK Google,” and Google will provide the results within a second


If You Want A Phone That Is Cost-Effective With Great Features And Specs.

You might not get the best of the camera from google pixel. But the two cameras will give you a lovely shoot. 


In addition, the resolution will feel like watching videos on a 3D screen. The battery life is not very bad as it has 3140mAh. Besides, the chipset of snapdragon 730G is a unique one to deliver the best performance.  


However, from the day of google pixel 4a release date, people love the phone.



Don’t Buy It If…

Here is some matter that will prevent you from buying this phone. So, you can ignore the google pixel 4a if you do not like this matters.


If You Want Best Of Best That Bang For Your Dollar.

Google pixel 4a may work on the average usage of your daily life. But it may not be a expensive luxurious one to show off to your friends. By the way, you must agree that it is a competitive mobile that can beat any phone. 


However, there is something a user wants to have on their phone. For instance, you may wish your phone should have 5G availability. Multiple cameras, big screens, more storage, and high battery life can be a expectation.


Therefore, you should not google pixel 4a as it is a average phone that touches every aspect. 


If You Love To Play High Intense Game.

Although google pixel 4 can run the famous games, you might be one it will run each. In addition, the screen is smaller, and it can prevent you from liking the phone. 


If You Want A Good Battery Life.

You can pass a day with a single charge by google pixel 4a. However, if you are a extreme phone user, you need to think twice before buying. This phone is not the perfect choice for intense games lovers and social media users. 


Therefore, you might need to charge the phone twice in the middle of the day. That we do not expect, isn’t it!



To Conclude About pixel 4a release date

There are many users available to buy a small phone at an affordable cost. Perhaps you are one of them. Besides, people also love it after the pixel 4a release date. 


And you already noticed after reading this article why they love the phone. The reason is it gives you a single reliable camera with a vast list of features. 


Besides, you can update the phone for the next three years at a fast speed. The compact size and beautiful interface made the mobile stand-alone beside its competitors. So, if you wanted a phone like this, you should go for it. So, as you do not need to wait for the pixel 4a release date, go for it and take it to your home.  


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