Python Backend Developers vs PHP Backend Developers: What’s the Difference?

Python Backend Developers

Bringing a fully featured web application to the market is not as easy as it sounds as it takes lots of thought, effort, and above all, good expertise in the coding languages to scale up the web applications. A highly functional web application is a result of good backend development combined with front-end development that works simultaneously to offer a better experience to the users. As much as the front-end of the application ensures an enhanced experience of end-users, in the same manner, behind the scene working of the application ensures the responsive and efficient performance of the web application. Python Backend Developers

However, when it comes to creating a highly functional web application or software, using the right programming language simplifies the entire process of development. It is all about the backend programming languages whose distinctive features allow developers to ensure the fast and efficient performance of web applications or software development. Regardless of the responsive and well-designed user interface, a poorly build backend will doom the performance and efficiency of the application. 

Power the web application or software with the best backend development

As the backend developers aim to create a fully functional and logical application, the backend developers need to have a good command of the most widely used programming language such as Python and PHP, both of which ensures the best performance of the web application and software. As for functionality i.e., performance and speed is the foremost characteristic of any web application or software, the backend coding languages such as Python and PHP excels from all other programming languages in terms of accessibility, scalability, functionality, and performance. 


As the backend developers are entirely responsible for creating the seamless performance and functionality of the application or software, the python backend developers focus on writing the codes that enhance the functionality of the web application or software. 

As python is a full-stack programming language, the python frameworks are used for front-end (client-facing) development while the language itself is used for backend development. Python possesses many distinctive features that other programming languages do not offer that make it different from the others. 


When it comes to creating dynamic and interactive web applications or software, PHP is a core programming language used for backend development. This server-side scripting language is used for creating interactive web pages. However, the easier usability of this back-end programming language has made it the prominent choice for most developers and programmers. 

As both the programming languages are widely being opted as backend languages for the development of web applications and software, there are distinctive features of both the programming languages that help in making the choice for the best language for completing the project.

Distinguishing features between Python and PHP

When it comes to comparing the python and PHP programming languages, there are certain features that set both languages apart. However, one can make the choice for the best backend development languages based on the requirements and needs of the project. Most developers come up with their choice of coding languages due to the ease and smooth execution of the language. Although, both the programming languages are priority choices due to the ease, still there is a certain set of features that distinguish both of them from each other. 

The ease of learning

It takes time to learn PHP and specialize in its coding as the variable names are case-sensitive which makes it difficult for beginners to learn this language. On the other hand, Python uses lesser punctuations and uses simple English making it easier for the beginner to learn python. Moreover, the simpler syntax also makes it easily readable. The fewer use of special cases is another reason most developers opt for this programming language.

The installation process

Installing PHP is quite very easy. One can easily install it and run it on different platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. On the other hand, python not only takes time but is also very difficult to install. One of the biggest disadvantages that make python lag behind PHP is that installing a new version of python over the older version is not suitable for developing an application. Installing python on mac OS is quite very difficult but installation on Linux is easier as compared to other operating systems. 

Speed and performance calculation

When it comes to speed and performance, the new versions of PHP are significantly faster than the old versions. PHP shows enhanced performance than other scripting languages such as PERL, JSP, ASP.NET, etc. due to its enhanced database connectivity and data loading. If the development of the simpler application is in the process where speed and performance do not make such a great impact, the choice can go in favor of any programming language. 

Flexibility and versatility

A highly scalable programming language is more suitable for web development and other processes with its range of frameworks and libraries. More flexibility in the programming language will easily respond to new trends and meet new demands. In this scenario, python is more flexible and scalable than PHP as it can easily adapt to new trends and requirements as per the demand. Moreover, the powerful frameworks of python are highly secured, efficient and fast. 


Python has a simpler syntax which is similar to human language that makes it easier to learn and understand. Python does not use curly braces and it does not define variables. On the other hand, PHP uses curly braces, variables, and naming conventions that make it harder to understand. 

Language type

PHP is a web development programming language that is only used for backend web development. While, other the other hand, python is used for backend web development and is a general-purpose programming language. 

Language usage

PHP is mostly used for web development while python has broader usage in the field and is used for a wide range of purposes including app development and web development combined with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc. 

PHP is a database-friendly programming language that helps in easy adding, modifying, and deleting data inside the database. While on the other hand, python can also form a connection with the database. MySQL is a famous database working in connection with python. 

However, be the coding in python or PHP, the backend developers are opting for these programming languages over the others due to the distinctive features offered by them.


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