Roofing Contractors Upkeep Tips for Homeowners in Philadelphia


Replacing a roof should take place roughly once in a Philadelphia homeowner’s lifespan in a house unless there are catastrophic, natural disasters, or accidents causing destruction and a need to do so more often. Otherwise, maintenance and upkeep are essential to ensure longevity, and that can mean periodic inspection and repairs from trusted roofing contractors in Philadelphia to extend the lifespan. In this article, you will get to know some roofing contractors upkeep tips for homeowners in Philadelphia.

As a homeowner with a shingled roof – especially, there are steps you can take to avoid the need for a whole-roof replacement while performing general household maintenance. Let us check these out.

Roofing Tips for Homeowners in Philadelphia

Maintenance and upkeep of a Philadelphia household are essential for the property’s longevity, including the roof. Over time, the structure is subject to not only wear and tear but the potential for extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and accidents with a need for many repairs and possibly a replacement or even more than one. 

As a homeowner, it is wise to employ the services of a reliable roofing contractor in the local Philadelphia area to inspect your property periodically for flaws or defects to be corrected to extend the lifespan and avoid the need for a replacement sooner than is necessary.  

Look here for DIY tips for your roofing upkeep. Also, take these steps as a homeowner to keep your shingled roof in optimum condition for the long term.

  • Shingle Inspection

Maintaining a roof, especially with shingles, is a matter of inspecting for any defects frequently. If there are extreme weather conditions, a natural disaster, any unusual conditions, checking the roof afterward is essential, even if it is just a heavy rain or windstorm. 

While it can be challenging for some to maneuver a ladder and walk the distance of the roof, that isn’t necessary. You can invest in a quality set of binoculars to check for issues since thorough inspections will occur with a reputable roofing contractor. Things you need to look for:

  • Granules missing
  • Cracked, curling, or missing shingles
  • Flashing peeling

Any signs of these damages mean a call to the roofer for correction.

  • Signs of Leakage Around the Ceiling Or In The Attic

When stains begin to appear on the home’s interior, there could be an issue with the roof. It’s vital to check on the attic regularly for signs of water damage and look around on the ceiling for water stains. Some warning signs to pay attention for:

  • Ceiling stains
  • Musty smells 
  • Exterior stains
  • Bulging of interior walls

If you have these warnings, it’s essential to contact the roofing professional and, if possible, try to find the leak. The contractor will have the skills to patch the hole sufficiently.

  • Cleaning The Structure Thoroughly

A primary component of roofing upkeep is keeping the structure clean. After some time, the surface becomes dirty, especially with shingles. These can often develop algae which can ultimately start to rot the material if you don’t wash the roof periodically.

The suggestion is to use a half/half blend of bleach and water sprayed onto the surface. Bleach kills algae and disinfects the surface. Another recommendation is to put strips of copper under the peak so that the molecules will follow the rain down the path of the roofline killing algae if it attempts to return.

  • Maintain Gutter Cleanliness

Cleaning the gutters is not only a dirty job, but it is tough and can be challenging working around the perimeter of the home on a ladder. Some people choose to have professionals handle this chore for safety purposes. 

Gutters should be taken care of at least twice each year, before the start of summer and winter, as part of roofing maintenance. Neglecting this aspect of upkeep can lead to clogs in the system, allowing water to seep under the structure leading to the possibility of water damage. 

You will notice in the attic and around the ceilings on the interior stains or evidence of seepage. Allowing damage to get to this level has the potential for structural problems and costly repairs.

  • Keep Trees Trimmed Away from House

Trees close to the house need trimming, or branches can pose significant problems, particularly during severe storms. Otherwise, there is a risk for them to break off and fall onto the roof. 

Any branches hanging over the roof or near the house need to be cut off to avoid possible accidents and keep leaves from collecting in the shingles or the gutters.

Branches also give the perfect pathway for critters to make their way to the house to create nests or enter the household leading to another set of problems, including possible infestations. 

Final Thought

When you invest in a home, the hope is that the roof is in relatively good shape. Often a home buyer will base the purchase decision on the structure’s condition. While the roof might be perfect when you buy the house, it will develop wear and tear over time. Plus, there will be exposed to extreme weather conditions, possibly natural disasters, and potential accidents, especially if trees are close by, meaning it will still be a primary household responsibility regardless of its original condition.

Household maintenance is essential, with homeowners taking the initiative to inspect often for defects or flaws that can ultimately lead to the need for a replacement if not handled. In addition, it’s wise to invest in professional roofing inspections periodically so that expert roofers can take care of any problems.

In addition to checking the roof, the surface needs washing, and the gutters need cleaning, all in an effort to extend the lifespan of the roofing materials and the structure as a whole. 

When you determine that a new roof is in order, finding a trusted professional requires extensive research, checking testimonials and reviews on impartial sites, and looking over dedicated ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Educate on roofing a house so that you are better informed when selecting a professional at

Once you obtain three reliable quotes and select a contract, make sure you understate the terms and conditions. If not, seek the help of a legal representative to help you. Hopefully, you will only replace the roof once, so it needs to be done efficiently.


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