Safe Boating Tips for Your Kids

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Family vacations are the perfect way to get away from the stresses of work and everyday life. A leisurely boat trip out on the sea is a great way to enjoy this relaxation time.

Parents should be responsible for ensuring that their children are safe and having fun. Boating with the family is an enjoyable and safe activity that everyone can enjoy. However, it’s advisable to be prepared and knowledgeable when accidents occur.

To ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, it is imperative everybody aboard must follow these safety guidelines.

Safe Boating Tips

1. Monitor the Weather

Before renting a boat, it is vital to study the weather carefully. You can choose a date and a time that allows you to enjoy the stunning scenery without worrying about bad weather.

You can plan by knowing the date. So, if it’s too cold, you can layer up. On the other hand, if the weather looks bright and sunny, you can wear light clothes and sunglasses. You should also bring extra clothing for the trip as the temperature drops quickly in the water. Contact your boat charter company or tour operator if the weather is not favorable for cancellations or rescheduling questions.

2. Learn About Boating Safety Basics and How to Apply Them

Before taking your children on a boat, ensure they are familiar with the safety precautions and tips. All passengers should follow the captain’s instructions, including “no sitting on or running on the deck” and “no standing on the railings.” This will prevent children from falling off the boat.

Also, know where the fire extinguisher is located, how to use radio devices safely, and what evacuation procedures are available in an emergency.

Consider taking a boating safety class if you are boating with your children for the first time. Topics include:

  • Basic Navigation

  • Boat Handling

  • Safety tips for boaters

  • Everyday Meteorology

To learn more about these courses, you can visit your state’s Department of Natural Resources website.

3. Always Wear Life Jackets

A life jacket is the best and most important safety precaution for boat tours. All passengers must wear appropriate life jackets and the boat should have reserved flotation devices in case of emergency.

There are life jackets for infants that have a head cushion to provide additional protection when your child is in the water.

Coast Guard regulations require that children under 13 years old wear Coast Guard-approved life jackets while onboard the boat unless they are below the deck or in enclosed cabins.

4. Get Your Kids Involved in Activities Onboard

Children enjoy boating adventures more when they have something to do. It is a good idea to foster teamwork while having family team-building activities. They are often facilitated by captains, who ensure that everyone can help.

You can give children simple tasks to do on a boat. For example, you could ask them to help you cleanup the deck and watch for any wreckage. They will be more likely to follow the rules and enjoy the trip with others if they feel responsible.

5. Don’t Forget the Water, Snacks, & Sun Protection

Spending the day in the water can get exhausting. To avoid hunger and dehydration, make sure you have plenty of water and snacks when packing. Even if you are only going on a short trip, make sure to bring more than one of every item.

You should also ensure your skin is protected as boating can bring you a lot of sun and wind. Additionally, you should also ensure that everyone, especially your children, has an extra change of clothes.

6. Keep Seasickness at Bay

Sometimes calm waters are hard to come by. It is best to prevent seasickness from happening aboard your boat. Other than medications, there are many ways to reduce or prevent motion sickness. Here are some examples:

  • Seasickness Bracelets – Some swear that pressure point bracelets effectively prevent sea sickness. It doesn’t matter if it’s a placebo effect, the important thing is it works wonders.

  • Peppermint – You can also use an aroma inhaler to reduce nausea. If you feel a little dizzy, peppermint-scented sticks can help you feel better.

  • Ginger — Other remedies such as chewing ginger or drinking lime juice can also be effective.

You can choose the best option for your children and keep a variety of remedies so that everyone can use it. Remember to stay above deck if you feel unwell. Instead, get some fresh air and look out at the horizon to calm your mid and body.

Key Takeaway

If you plan to go boating with your family anytime soon, keeping your family safe and secured is essential. Consider the safety tips for kids mentioned above before heading out to the open waters. You can also call Clearwater Beach Boat Tours for a hassle free and safe family bonding boat ride.


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