3 Easy ways to share your smartphone internet with your laptop via tethering


What do you do when you’re travelling or simply out of home and do not have access to a public Wi-Fi connection for your laptop? Or when your Wi-Fi stops working due to some technical issues. You can’t just let your work suffer, right? That’s when you use your phone’s Internet connection on your laptop!

Don’t know how to do it? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, because today, we’ll be talking all about sharing your smartphone’s internet with your Laptop via Tethering. But first, let’s understand what the term “Tethering” means.

What is Tethering?

“Tethering” is the term used for sharing your smartphone’s internet connection with your laptop or computer, by connecting both the devices. This works in three different ways – via a USB connection, a Bluetooth connection or a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How to share mobile internet with laptop

If you’re trying to share your smartphone’s internet access with your laptop or PC, you can do this by establishing a connection between the two. This connection can be of two types – Wired and Wireless connection.

A wired connection is established by connecting a USB cable to both devices. Meanwhile, a wireless connection can be established either via Bluetooth or Mobile Hotspot. Android users have access to all the three tethering options mentioned above.

But, before proceeding with the sharing process, make sure that you have a strong and stable mobile internet plan like the Airtel Prepaid data plan. Once you have that, move ahead and choose one of the methods mentioned below to share your mobile internet connection with your laptop:

How to connect mobile internet to alaptop via USB cable tethering

First, let’s talk about the wired method to connect your smartphone to your laptop. All you need is a strong mobile internet and a USB cable. Once you have that, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • First, you need to physically plug in your USB cable to your Android smartphone and your laptop.
  • Then, permit the devices to be connected by tapping on the “Allow” button when you see the permission prompt popup on your screen.
  • Now go to the “Settings” section by long-pressing on the icon in Quick Settings, or simply go to the “Settings” app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the “Network & internet” option.
  • Click on “Hotspot & tethering”.
  • Now tap on the “USB tethering” slider to turn it on and share your phone’s internet connection via the connected USB.

Now your laptop will be connected to your phone’s internet and you can browse all you want and get your work done without any worry. And, in case you run out of data, simply top-up your data balance with Airtel easy mobile recharge plans or similar plans from your preferred network provider and you’re good to go.

How to connect mobile internet to a laptop via bluetooth tethering

Now, let’s talk about the first wireless method to share your phone’s internet connection. For this, you need to start by pairing your phone with your computer. And then you can enjoy your phone’s internet connection on your laptop, tablet or even PC. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings by long pressing the “Bluetooth” icon in Quick Settings, or go to the “Settings” app and click on “Connected devices” or “Bluetooth & devices” and choose “Bluetooth”.
  • Tap on “Pair new device”.
  • Now, go to your Windows 10 system and press Win + I to open the “Settings” app.
  • Here, select “Devices” and go to “Bluetooth & other devices”.
  • Switch on Bluetooth and click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” and then on “Bluetooth”.
  • Select your phone name when it appears and click on pair/connect on both the devices.
  • Once paired, go to “Hotspot & tethering” as mentioned above and turn on Bluetooth tethering.
  • Now, expand the “Windows System Tray” to find the “Bluetooth” icon.
  • Right-click on it and select “Join a Personal Area Network”.
  • Find your phone’s icon in the menu that pops up and right-click on it.
  • Choose “Connect using” and tap on “Access point”.

That’s it, your laptop is now successfully using your smartphone’s data connection.

How to connect mobile internet to a laptop via wi-fi hotspot

Now comes the easiest and most popular way to share your smartphone’s internet with your laptop or other devices – via Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi Hotspot. Just go through the following steps and your laptop will have a working internet connection in no time:

  • Go to the “Hotspot & tethering” option in your “Settings” app as mentioned in the USB cable section above.
  • Now click on “Wi-Fi Hotspot” and turn it on.
  • Some smartphones even allow you to limit one-time mobile data usage, so choose your limit wisely.
  • Here, you can view the Hotspot name and password.
  • Now you simply have to search for a Wi-Fi connection on your laptop.
  • Once your Hotspot name pops up in the search results, tap on it and click “Connect”.
  • Just type in the same password that is mentioned on your smartphone’s Hotspot menu and connect.

That’s it! Once the servers on both the devices are connected, you are free to enjoy your mobile’s shared internet on your laptop wirelessly.


If you ask us, using your own mobile internet on your laptop, tablet or PC is much better and safer. We say this because, connecting to an unknown public network can actually put your data at risk; that’s why Mobile internet tethering is such a perfect solution.

Moreover, if you run out of data, you can get easy data top-ups from almost every network provider. However, our favourite choice till date remains to be the Airtel Prepaid data plansas they’re not just affordable, but also give an extremely fast and stable data connection.

So, the next time you move out of your house, stop looking for a free or paid public Wi-Fi connection. Instead, simply open your phone and share your mobile’s fast internet connection with your laptop or any other device that needs an internet connection to work.


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