Signing Up for Online Apps with Virtual Phone Numbers in 2022


Every day more and more apps are incorporating phone number verification into their system. However, not everyone likes such innovations. Some people don’t want to disclose their personal phone numbers, while others lose access to such apps altogether, because this verification method is often available for a limited number of countries. An easy and simple solution in both situations is to use a virtual phone number. With it, you can register on any site and application without exception from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Functioning of virtual numbers

In terms of operation, virtual numbers do not differ in principle from the real ones. They are also assigned to a specific SIM card and work in the network of existing mobile operators, which determines the cost of their use. However, unlike real numbers, virtual numbers can be used online directly through the Internet.

You don’t need a SIM card or even a cell phone. All you need to use a virtual phone number is any modern device with an Internet connection. This makes it possible to receive text messages and even calls as well as sign up for all modern social networks and instant messengers with a PC instead of a mobile phone.

This is achieved by connecting virtual phone numbers to a special server. To do this, the appropriate equipment such as GSM-modem, GoIP gateway and others are used. So this is how usually platforms that provide virtual numbers for SMS verification work. Special people called suppliers insert their SIM cards from different countries into special hardware and connect to servers of those platforms so other people can use them to sign up for various sites and apps.

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Easy and fast acquisition

Buying a SIM card always involves going through bureaucratic processes. First, you have to stand in line, and then you have to fill out a lot of documents. All this wastes time and nerves. There is no such thing in the case of purchasing virtual phone numbers. You just complete a simple registration on the platform that provides such a service with minimum information provided and get access to virtual phone numbers from various countries. Here are some other benefits of such a service:

  • Low cost. Most often bypassing mobile verification with virtual numbers costs less than one dollar.
  • High-level privacy. Virtual numbers are unavailable for tracking and represent no information about their users.
  • General availability. It is possible to get virtual phone numbers from anywhere in the world regardless of social status and financial possibilities.

So there are plenty of points that make using virtual numbers worth it. Let’s see how anyone can sign up with them for online apps nowadays.

Using virtual numbers to sign up for online apps

It is not really much difficult. You can sign up for any website or app with a virtual number within a few minutes if using OTP receiving service SMS-Man. This platform provides simple and convenient solutions for those who need to deal with SMS verification online at an affordable price. You simply create an account on this website and then get access to all its tools. Here is a detailed guide on how to use  numbers from this website:

  1. Open the main page of the platform and choose the preferable country of a virtual phone number.
  2. On the same page select the app that you are going to sign up with it for.
  3. Click the purchase button to get a virtual number.
  4. Use it for signing up on the chosen app.
  5. Press the “Get SMS” button to reveal the verification code.
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The last step is to finish creating an account with the received code. This is it. There is nothing difficult about phone numbers at all so this feature is available for everyone without exceptions!

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