Sink or Swim: Top 10 Swimming Outfits For Men

Swimming Outfits For Men

With the warm weather fast approaching, we can think of one thing and one thing only: swimwear. Whether you’re dreaming of long days at the beach or by the pool, you’ll need a bathing suit that’s going to make you look and feel your best. Now might be a good time to retire your old swim trunks and look into designer swim shorts for men for the upcoming summer season. 

So, if you want to rock the best swimming outfits for every destination and occasion in 2023, we’ve got you covered with the most popular styles in men’s swimwear. 

Swim trunks 

Made of quick-drying materials and covering the middle ground in terms of length, trunks have become a swimwear staple and come in a wide range of colours and patterns, so you should not hesitate to add them to your swim wardrobe. 

Plain shorts 

When in doubt, you can always rely on a pair of plain shorts to minimise swimsuit dilemmas. Comfortable and adaptable, basic shorts remain a perfect option for lazy summer days.  

Bright-coloured shorts  

If plain shorts are a bit… wellwell, too plain for your liking, you can add a bit of edge to your swimming outfit by choosing brighter colours. Red, orange, green or purple hues are sure to make you stand out of the crowd. 

Classic boxer briefs 

Classic boxer briefs offer another timeless beach look that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Perfect for those who are not afraid to show off their silhouette, boxer briefs offer a supportive and flattering fit. 

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Fun patterns 

Who says men need to settle for solid colours or plain-looking outfits at the beach? Regardless of the swimsuit style you prefer, there’s a wide variety of patterns you can choose from, including florals or multi-coloured, so feel free to pick the ones that match your energy. 

Running-style shorts 

Retro fashion trends are back in style and taking over the beaches, which means that running-style shorts are also making a comeback. However, the modern versions also include moisture-wicking technology and ergonomic design, so they’re going to provide all the comfort you need while swimming.  


Boardshorts can be considered a longer and looser version of the popular swim trunks, designed to match the needs of surfers or anyone who’s looking for a bit more flexibility and coverage, making them the perfect choice for swimming enthusiasts. 


The go-to option for professional swimmers and those who have a soft spot for water sports in general, jammers fall into the athletic swimwear category. They are knee-length, have a form-fitting design and are made of stretchy materials like nylon, lycra or spandex. 

Square-cut shorts

Another popular option for those who enjoy close-fitting styles, square-cut shorts offer more coverage than the controversial swim briefs or speedos, as they sit at the top of the upper thighs revealing the legs. 

Swim shirts

Let’s not forget about the upper part of the body. While t-shirts and tank tops are a common sight at the beach, if you’re looking for extra sun protection when you’re swimming, a quick-drying UPF swim shirt should be on your list, even if you won’t be engaging in any serious water sports this summer.

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