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Smart fabric

Summer is finally here and that means it will be hotter than hot. And since we can’t change the weather (at least not yet!) we need to find ways to cope with it with Smart fabric. Amusingly (or perhaps frustratingly) I found this out the hard way when I got sunburnt once! Ouch!!…When the summer heat kicks in, you can’t afford to wear any fabric not made for the weather. Choose cotton T-shirts, tank tops, and stretchable cotton pants. This is because they all avoid storing too much heat and make you sweat less in the sun/heat/desert. Choosing the right fabrics to wear in hot weather can help to cool your body down quickly.

How does a fabric feel when it’s 90 degrees outside and the heat index is 115 degrees? Hot, right? There’s hot and then there’s hot. You can’t just assume any fabric will work for you as otherwise, you’ll risk feeling like you’re burning up. Here are four fabrics that help your body breathe in the summer while keeping a comfortable temperature:

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Linen is an excellent choice for summer wear. It’s thin and breathable, which makes it perfect for the hot weather. It’s also very durable and is likely to be the last piece of clothing you’ll ever have to buy. As a bonus, linen is going to be the hottest trend for the rest of the summer.

Linen has been around for millennia, but thanks to modern technology, you can now get a more advanced version. Kiki Textiles is a leading supplier of luxury linen, which is made from regenerated cellulose fiber. That means it has a silky touch, a crisp hand, and a refined look. Kiki Textiles supplies linen that has a strong fabric to be used by professional tailors across dozens of different projects.

It’s soft and breathable, so it feels great against the skin and is a Smart fabric. You can wear it when you’re going out or lounging around at home. Linen is also wrinkle-free and extremely easy to maintain. It can be washed at home with your regular laundry detergent and then hung dry on a clothesline for added drying time. Once you have it, you’ll never want to go back to clothing made from synthetic fabrics again.

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Cool linen and crisp cotton are so much more than the Smart fabric materials that make up your favorite summer wardrobe staples. They are also the ideal fabrics to use in designing smart eco-friendly features in offices and restaurants that cope with the heat!

Linen and cotton can be used to create smart air-conditioning systems through construction materials with natural air flow and permeability. What makes them perfect for clothes, makes them ideal for many other applications as well.

Drapes and curtains made from cotton, linen, or other breathable fabrics can help keep rooms cool, while people stay comfortable and stylish. The fabric allows the air to flow freely through them, helping to regulate the temperature in a room. And when it’s time for an update on your window treatments, look for linens or kinds of cotton woven with a weave that is open and allows for maximum ventilation.


Whether you’re making a simple tote bag or sewing overalls, denim is a great choice for summer.

But as anyone who sews can tell you – finding the right weight of denim fabric when you’re shopping online can be hard. At KikiTextiles, we’ve created an online fabric store tailor-made for sewers, quilters, and DIY-ers.

Shoppers can choose from 16 different types of denim (light, medium, and heavy weights) and seven different styles (denim, duck, twill, cotton duck, and more).

So, whether you’re looking for something to make a tote bag with, or the perfect overalls for a sunny day – you’ll find it at KikiTextiles.

The heat of summer is making it hard to stay cool. But designers are outdoing themselves to bring us fresh ideas to beat the heat.

In the world of denim, this means an increase in lighter washes and fabrics that conform to our body temperature.

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The fact that it’s hot outside is no news. We’ve all heard it a thousand times over, but many have forgotten that if it’s hot, we just need to dress right to keep cool. As always, Kiki Textiles is pleased to be your first stop for all your denim needs, including premium fabrics such as cotton, linen, and denim in all kinds of styles and colors for the summer.

We know that when it’s hot outside, you want fabrics that perform. You want something that feels soft to the touch and will dry quickly after a dip in the pool or ocean. You want something that’s easy to care for and doesn’t wrinkle into oblivion the first time you wear it without ironing.

No matter what you’re wearing, because summer is prime travel season, you want something you can wear with confidence knowing it’ll withstand a few mishaps along the way.

The most important thing to remember is that heat is relative. The heat index, which factors in temperature and humidity to measure how hot it feels, often rises above 100 in even moderately humid weather. Our fabrics have been tested in practice by customers to ensure they are appropriate for the weather, making them ideal for warm weather travel. Each of these fabrics has proven without a doubt that it can be the perfect textile to wear and is specially designed to excel in the summer heat.

Smart fabric choices you can rely on in hot weather – we call it the KikiTextile Difference. When it comes to fabrics, we know that there are over one thousand options out there for you to choose from. This means that it’s hard to know which ones work best for your business or projects, especially when it comes to the different climates you’ll find yourself working with.

KikiTextiles is your number one online stop for luxury fabrics and excellent quality textiles for all projects, DIY and professional alike!




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