Some Valuable Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The best home renovation projects are usually those that offer the highest returns. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling in particular, usually have the greatest returns. When thinking of renovating the kitchen or bathroom, there are several factors and Bathroom Renovation Ideas you have to consider. By working with the best renovation contractors, such as SF Kitchens & Bathrooms, you can be assured of getting the best results possible. 

Things to Consider- Bathroom Renovation Ideas

i) Your Budget

Renovating the kitchen and bathroom can be a costly undertaking, so you need to have sufficient funds to ensure the project can be completed to your specifications. You can save up for the project or you can take out a personal loan to finance the home renovation project. What matters is the availability of sufficient funds. 

ii) Project Time-Frame

When renovating your kitchen and bathroom, you will not be able to use these two important rooms in your home. Therefore, you need to figure out where you will get your food during this period because you will not be able to cook in the kitchen. Ideally, one bathroom should be renovated at a time to ensure you always have somewhere to shower and do your business. Ideally, the project should not take more than just a few days because you do not want to be inconvenienced in any way. 

iii) Permits

Most renovation projects require building permits from local authorities. Therefore, it is recommended you take into consideration the time it takes to secure the necessary permits. Your contractor can help you seek these permits. 

iv) Terms of Engagement

The terms of engagement between you and the contractor must be clearly spelled out to prevent any misunderstandings. The cost of the project, duration and adjustments to be made must all be highlighted in the contract.

The Best Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Increase Storage Space

During your bathroom and kitchen renovation project, you should take advantage of the opportunity to increase the amount of storage available in your home. Extra shelving and cabinets should be installed in both the kitchen and bathroom to increase the amount of available storage space in your home. 

2. Add the Mirror Effect

Every sink in the kitchen and bathroom should have a stylish mirror. There are many types of mirrors on the market that you should consider. Both the shape and size of the mirror as well as the type of frame should add to the aesthetic value of mirror. Mirrors normally reflect light and create a visual effect that can transform the appearance and ambiance of your bathroom and kitchen. 

3. Improve the Lighting

The three most common types of lighting in homes are recessed lighting, chandeliers and pendant lighting. Bathrooms and kitchens need a lot of ventilation, so a lot of air and light are needed in these two rooms, so be sure to upgrade the lighting in both the kitchen and bathroom. You will need around 35-50 lumens per square foot of space inside the bathroom and kitchen. You can install lighting fixtures with warmer colors in the kitchen and cooler colors in the bathroom to ensure there is proper lighting of these two rooms. Try to put 8 inch inline fan will help you reach your indoor climate goals.

4. Install or Resize the Kitchen Island

If you do not have a kitchen island in your kitchen, this is the perfect time to install this wonderful feature. Proper sizing of the island is crucial as it will help to ensure the island is not only functional, but also a wonderful addition to your home. An oversized island will restrict movement in the kitchen. If you already have a kitchen island, but it’s either too large or too small, this is the time to resize the island. An experienced contractor knows how to properly size the kitchen island, so you can always be assured of getting the best results possible. 

5. Choose Plumbing Fixtures Carefully

When selecting taps, shower heads and faucets, it is recommended you choose the best plumbing fixtures carefully. There are stainless steel fixtures as well as brass fixtures. A professional interior designer can help you choose the best features to ensure you get the best results possible. While cost might be a key indicator of quality, you need to do your research to ensure you get the best possible results. 

6. Paint is Everything

There are many types of paints on the market, and some of them are high in quality. Be sure to work with your interior designer and renovation contractor to choose the right type of paint as well as the perfect color combination for your bathroom walls and kitchen fixtures. It is also recommended you refinish your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get the best outcomes, especially if the cabinets are made of solid wood.

7. Upgrade Your Appliances

The appliances in your kitchen may be obsolete, so it is recommended you consider upgrading your appliances. Only Energy-Star rated appliances from reputable manufacturers should be considered. You may need to compare prices to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Before the renovations begin, consider first hiring an interior designer to redesign your bathroom and kitchen. Most designers normally use computer aided design tools, so you can see how your kitchen will look like before the project even begins.


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