Summer Styling Guide With Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite Jewelry

Do you have a favorite item of Tanzanite Jewelry which you wear every day to work or during similar occasions? Most women have. This is because once a particular fashion styling works, women tend to follow that on most occasions. However, in the summer season, this becomes more of a minor habit since there are not many options to choose from.

Hence women prefer to wear light wear and smaller items of jewelry in summer so that they do not get bogged down by the seasonal heat. Since summer means wearing sandals, slippers, short pants, gowns, maxi dresses or even white shirts, the choice of jewelry becomes highly important. This is because, in most of these outfits, a significant portion of our bodies are exposed, like hands, fingers, necks, legs, ankles, etc.

Here is a summer styling guide for ready reference:

1. Earrings of Tanzanite Jewelry: Since you will mostly be wearing bright colored clothes or half sleeve shirts, stud type earrings are more suitable for maintaining a professional attire. You can try wearing a Tanzanite earring which can be found in varying shapes and textures. The most favored color is the deep blue, but you can find it in some shades of violet too.

The kind of attention that wearing these Tanzanite stud earrings will give you is something most women crave, i.e. attention. People are sure to notice you at least once while passing by since the color of Tanzanite is so deep and meaningful that it’s bound to catch some eyeballs.

If you are wearing a black or other deep colored high neckline outfit, then you should rather go with Strontium titanate stud earrings because they will bring out a sparkly effect and hence are suitable for this color.

2. Tennis Bracelets: Tennis bracelets are the most versatile and lightweight form of bracelets available. A small chain which is mostly made from Sterling Silver, is embossed along with stones like Tanzanite, Diamond, Sapphire, Rubies, and others and then worn by many women globally.

These bracelets are very sleek and subtle, but they truly bring out the best when worn with other accessories. For example- a Tanzanite tennis bracelet may not by itself look very highlighting, but when it is worn along with a Sapphire pendant or maybe a Lapis Lazuli necklace, others.

This is because Tanzanite is a bluish hue stone and some variants of it have a violent tinge too. Hence, wearing a standalone Tanzanite tennis bracelet without other accessories might not be good.

Since it is the summer season, you should try wearing short sleeves and tank tops as they seem to work quite well for bracelets. This is because they show off your arms and add more color to your overall look. If you are wearing full sleeve shirts, make sure to fold them up so that your bracelet is free moving and getting the required exposure.

3. Rings: While tennis bracelets were a fine option, they truly shine together with a good set of rings. You can buy a Diamond or Strontium titanate ring for an added sparkly effect which happens due to light reflecting off the surfaces of these rings. Your hands are the part of the body which moves around the most and upon which most people will make first eye contact after your face and neck.

This is why you should try to wear a ring, especially if you are wearing a long-sleeve shirt. Because in long sleeve shirts, most of your hands are covered up, but your fingers remain visible; hence it becomes important to highlight them.

But wearing a ring does not help when you are wearing mittens or long-sleeved shirts with thumb holes since they will cover most of your fingers.

4. Necklaces: Most women prefer to wear light clothes like a shirt, half sleeves, or other similar outfits in the summer season. So it makes sense to wear a suitable necklace. You can choose to wear an animal-themed necklace or a native Indian necklace to diversify. You can also choose to wear a Shungite necklace if you want a dark chic look.

If you want your neck jewelry to be the primary highlight, then try wearing a Lapis Lazuli or Tanzanite pendant along with a pair of Strontium titanate earrings and an American pink diamond tennis bracelet. All of these three will look fantastic in light-coloured summer outfits.


One of the primary motives behind wearing jewelry during summer times is to create a sense of interest and freshness in your overall look. Since most times makeup can’t be done in summer times, wearing jewelry definitely is the way to go. Read the above guide to know more about the styling aspects of various items of jewelry.


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