Take me to the Carribeans


take me to the carribeans take me to the carribeans carribean-inspo-2 carribean-inspo-4
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CARRIBEANS Take me to the Carribeans. 🙂 How are you guys? I’ve been quite absent all week because I got the worst flu I had in years. I spent Sunday laying on the couch totally energyless, to then feel better and recover fast until today that I’m back here in front of my computer screen with tons of emails and a lot of work left behind. 🙁 The only one thing I actually did other than watching movies and 30 episodes of How I met your Mother, was to finally book my flights to Santorini, where I’ll be heading for the end of the summer after Milan Fashion Week. How exciting is that? After a very busy summer I get a week of vacay all for myself. I’ve always been a fan of delayed trips: I’d rather stay in the city during the holidays when there isn’t a soul, to then book a late getaway and find myself on an almost desertic beach. It feels like heaven. So, I’ve been thinking where I’ll be heading next, this time with the boyfriend during one of his -too bad- too short holidays. Now that I live in Mexico the Carribean dream is just around the corner. So stay tuned cause these next months will be full of great pictures throughout my Instagram and blog. Hope you read! Xoxo, Irene



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