The History and Evolution of Cat Eye Glasses

Evolution of Cat Eye

The Timeless Styles

For the past few decades, Evolution of Cat Eye glasses have been equally popular in the fashion industry and ordinary women. Like Gucci and Celine, many brands pay attention to cat-eye wear, which became famous, and they set their focus on retro cat-eye frames. 

The evolution of cat eye glasses tale begins

This all was first started in 1920 when the first womanly glasses style in the market by Altina Schinasi Miranda. This was the first distinct frame for women all around the world. At that time, the glasses industry only produced men’s glasses. The invention of women’s glasses revolutionized the glasses industry. Recently, different brands have introduced the new frame type, Adam Selman X Le Specs. This will help the cat eye glasses to remain alive in the glasses market and the fashion industry. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, famous scene artists, wore eye-cat glasses to introduce it in the fashion market. 

How did the name “Cat-Eyeglasses” come into Being?

Many of the artists used to not leave their home without wearing the eye-cat glasses number of examples are still in the market. But the American designer and filmmaker Altina Schinasi Miranda had no comparison in wearing eye-cat glasses. One day during her visit to New York Avenue, she found herself in the complete unisex frame on the fifth floor when she wore a cat-eye frame. The quote for Dorothy Parker came to mind, “Men seldom make passes at girls that wear glasses.” Schinasi thinks about the glasses that make women look attractive and inspired. Venetian Harlequin inspired her, and thus Harlequin glasses came into existence. After some years name changed to Cat eye glasses, these historic glasses came into existence by coincidence in the eyewear industry. 

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Variations in Cat-Eyeglasses

In 1931 first historic France was introduced with specifications no other have at that time. The frame tiles down on wear face as hinged were placed on the upper part. The new design would suit all types of face shapes. This new technique of till down to glasses can open up the doors of the new look of the user. 

Although the Well-known glasses brand Ray-Ban refused the Schinasi design, after some struggle, Schinasi found its frame design ally in an optical boutique, Madison Avenue. The boutique should design this to its top profile and well-known author and actresses like Clare Boothe Puce and Katherine Cornell. At the end of the 1930s, the glasses became much more prevalent in actresses and ordinary women, by which Schinasi opened their own company to supply these glasses. In 1939, Schinasi won the American Designer award for introducing a completely new design to the eyewear industry and changing the optical glasses.

The golden age of the 1950s

At the end of world war II, design Christian Dior revealed the new look, gripped a specific type of glasses known as hourglass shape glasses. The cat eye glasses became a new look as their edges are tapered from edges to give women a new and complete look. This defines Dior’s era of the unique shape.

After this, the eyewear industries’ capabilities improved, and the number of designs came with highly comfortable designs and new material choices. Cat eye glasses went into the market for every face autonomy as these glasses came with different shapes and were fascinated with crystals. All revolutions helped the cat eye glasses to stand out from the other ones. In the 1950s, glasses were designed to give hope to their customer after world war II.

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Marilyn Monroe Signature Look

Marilyn Monroe got inspired by the cat-eye wear and used these as her signature look. Grace Kelly gave preference to these eyewear fuels to their sharp and classical kind. Elizabeth Taylor used color and decoration. In 1961 the cat eye glasses used in the film by Audrey Hepburn gave more power to cat-eye drinks to become more prevalent in the industry and the standard population. 

In Italy, several stars on and off the screen wear cat eye glasses in different shades and colors; Anouk Aimee and Sophia Loren were some of the most prominent names. At the same age, the optical industry-sponsored several fashion designers to introduce eyewear styles in fashion houses. The collaboration of Schiaparelli and American Optic gave more importance to cat-eye eyewear, and this agreement transformed the optical industry into a multi-million dollar industry

The Renaissance 

After around sixty years later, the designer introduced the cat-eye eyewear and made it in top designs, proving that cat eye glasses have not misplaced their glory. Adam Selman X Le Specs’ “The Last Lolita” tremendous success was unforgettable. The designer got inspiration from design introduced in 1962 by Stanley Kubrick. The Instagram post from well-known models gave birth to the revival of cat eye glasses. The design came into the market firmly and back in the spotlight. The report on women’s fashion trend report SS21 reveals the popularity of cat eye glasses in the market. Celine introduced the 1950s design, Gucci launched their cat eye glasses with a mix-up of crystals with a black teardrop. We could escape from this feline-inspired design.


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