10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Single Friends

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is here, and thoughts turn to all things red. Topping the list of questions in your mind is: What gifts will I give my single friends? If that’s true, it proves one thing—you’re a good friend.Valentine’s Day gift ideas gives us the chance to express love to our friends in tangible ways. However, as the day draws nearer, many people run low on gift ideas, especially when these friends are not in a romantic relationship.

But not to worry. To ensure you have a memorable red-letter day, below are some of the best valentine’s day gift ideas for your single friends:

  • Plant Bouquet

Valentines day plants are one way to spice up the occasion with some feel of nature. A curation of flower arrangements sent in the form of a bouquet to your friends will surely lighten up their mood and make your friendship bloom with natural goodness. With eco-friendly plant gifts, you can tell your friends how much you’re rooting for them. 

So, why not go natural this season? Have some fresh pre-arranged flowers in stunning vases delivered to your friends and have them relish the awesomeness of nature. 

  • Tumblers

Tumblers are a practical gift as they let your friends keep their drinks hot for hours. Also, you can’t go wrong with a tumbler as it’s age-neutral and gender-neutral. Better yet, go for a design that suits your friend’s personality or passion.

Moreover, tumblers are handy and can be taken anywhere. They’re also tangible reminders in that whenever your friends hold them or drink from them, they’ll surely remember you. 

  • Customized Note Cards

How about giving your friends a letter written just for them? Don’t you think they’ll find the gesture sweet and thoughtful? Of course, they would.

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Notecards aren’t just for lovers. Anyone who loves written notes will love them creatively done. You can get a collection of beautifully designed cards with colors your friends love. Also, you can customize each card with a unique name, phrase, or message for them. 

  • Necklaces 

A necklace allows your friends to wear your friendship close to their hearts. Indeed, a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant will make a lovely gift to your friends. To make the gift more appealing, choose one whose plating suits your friend’s style. 

  • Self-Care Items

Everyone loves to take care of themselves. A gift box full of self-care items will make a pleasant Valentine’s Day gift. You only need to include delightful materials with beautiful aromas that leave nice effects on the body. 

Items like soap, beauty cream, lip balm, body butter, serum, and masks will make a good selection for your self-care box. However, you have to be gender-sensitive here. Male and female friends will appreciate different skincare products, so consider that. 

  • Prepaid Cards For Dating Apps

Your single friends may be willing to mingle. You can make it easy for them to get back into the dating game with prepaid cards for their dating apps. You can never tell; they may find their forever partner, thanks to your gift of love. Check out the best card option and send your single friends dating!

  • A Good Book

Books feed the soul and beautify the mind. So, visit the bookstore and get your friends some good books. Books are faithful companions, too. They can remain with whoever loves to keep them for a lifetime. 

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Make sure to choose books belonging to the literary genre your friend loves to read. You can add some extra touch by leaving handwritten notes of friendship in the book for them. 

  • Clothes

Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be an excellent opportunity to help your friends update their wardrobe. Can anyone say no to trendy clothes that fit? Why not go ahead then and check out the kinds of clothes your friends love to wear?

For this, you don’t have to break the bank. Just get what you can afford. Carefully choose clothes that suit their style and will fit them well. 

  • Chocolates

Who can resist a delightful bar of chocolate? Surveys show that both men and women love to have chocolates as gifts. So, go ahead and shop for the most delicious sweet boxes of chocolates for your friends this Valentine.

  • Time

Quality time is an intangible yet invaluable gift. Take some time to hang out with your friends and talk about anything and everything. If you cannot meet up in person, spend some time calling them up. It won’t take much time or effort, but it would mean a lot to them. Appreciate them and renew your commitment to your friendship.


Valentine’s Day gets better with good gifts. But you don’t have to rack your brain deciding what to give. With the gift ideas mentioned in this article, you can easily give your friends some of the best Valentine gifts.


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