The Ultimate Guide to Solo Travelling

Guide to solo travelling

Travelling on your own has become one of the quickest rising trends in recent years. Sometimes it can be nice to just pack your bags and satiate your need for travel without anyone else holding you back. However, going on a trip solo can be quite nerve wracking so it needs a bit more planning on your side. If you need some more guidance on this topic, read on this guide to solo travelling.

1. Pick the destination wisely

Embarking on a voyage on your own may be anxiety inducing for some, so in order to keep your nerves in check you should be very careful in picking your destination. If you’re someone who wants to meet a lot of people then a destination where a language barrier doesn’t exist would be a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you don’t mind not communicating since you’re an introvert, an eclectic city where your language isn’t spoken may be your cup of tea. Also, research the culture of the place you’re planning on visiting. You don’t want to be accidentally disrespectful to someone’s culture and visit

2. Don’t overpack

Just like with any kind of trip it is very important to know what to bring with you. If you’re planning on having a longer vacation don’t bring your entire wardrobe along – you can very well wash your clothes on arrival. If you don’t like washing your own clothes, you can look for local laundromats or dry cleaning services. You may even meet some new people while waiting for your clothes to wash. If you’re planning on travelling near the New Jersey area, take a look at these top dry cleaners in Edgewater

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3. Take advantage of hostels

If you’re travelling to a big city, crashing in hostels is a great way to meet other solo travellers and make friends along the way. Not only are hostels much cheaper than regular accommodation, they can also be a lot of fun for younger travellers. Even though most hostels don’t include meals in their prices, you will most likely have access to a communal kitchen which you can use during your stay tahoe bleu wave.

4. Stay safe

If you’ve done a lot of research about the place you want to visit, you’ll know how safe it is for non locals. However, having some extra precautions is not frowned upon, especially if you’re a woman who’s travelling on your own. Have a pepper spray on you at all times and pay attention to your drinks while you’re out and about. Also, no matter your gender, keep your valuables guarded at all times. A great idea is to keep your passport and money in a smaller bag around your waist instead of in a backpack, since backpacks are easy to pickpocket.

5. Travel off-season

If you are embarking on a solo trip and are on a budget, you can choose to go somewhere in the off-season. During spring and autumn months places which are more popular summer destinations are often not as hard on the pocket and you can still enjoy most of the summer-time activities. Another advantage of travelling this way is that you will most likely avoid the crowds and experience life in those destinations in a more authentic way. If this is something that interests you then off-season is definitely the season for you.

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6. Take pictures

When you’re travelling in a group it’s much easier to have your picture taken. However, when you’re on your own you have to rely on other people’s kindness to have a full body snapshot. Our advice would be to spot other tourists and ask them to take a picture of you, since they’re more likely to have an understanding of your solo travel situation. Take pictures of your surroundings too. You’ll be able to make a nice photo album full of your experiences when you come back home.

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