Make Pesach 2022 a Holiday to Remember


In the recent past the pandemic has quarantined the world inside our homes. It has stopped us from traveling, stopped us from going to gatherings, stopped us from going to worship services, and put dark clouds of fear over our heads. The veil of clouds is lifting, we are seeing the dreadful disease being stopped, and people are now able to breathe a sigh of relief and start living again. It is time for you and your family to have a much-needed break. A Pesach 2022 vacation in a resort that is prepared to serve kosher delicacies, and provide activities that will enhance your religious observances would be perfect.

During Pesach you will want to observe the cessation of work so this is the perfect time of year to plan a vacation with your family. You also want to observe the food guidelines and by going to a resort that has a Passover program in place you can eat, and allow the children to eat without worry about the right foods.

Israel is one of the most frequently chosen destinations for a Pesach holiday trip. Visiting the country of Israel allows you to see the Holy places, experience religious rites and ceremonies in time honored tradition, and make a closer connection to your faith. Every Jewish individual should make at least one Passover trip to Israel during their lifetime. So not worry if you do not have family to travel with you, because Jewish families invite visitors to join in their seder celebrations. You will not be left out of the holiday celebration and you will remember the experience for a lifetime.

Making a “bucket list” of all of the wonderful places that you dream of visiting, and then planning Pesach vacations in those places is a great idea for every family. Let each member of the family choose one location they have always wanted to see, and write down the names of the locations. Place all of the papers with the names in a basket, and when you return home from Pesach each year draw a name out of the basket and begin to plan the holiday trip for the next year.

You will find amazing programs in Europe, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, Tunisia, Canada, Mauritius, Uruguay, the Caribbean, Mexi8co, the United States, Costa Rica, Morocco, Dubai and Panama. The possibilities and destinations are great, and the experiences you will have are each going to be a once in a lifetime event.

Each resort that participates in the Passover programs has hired experienced chefs who are trained to prepare kosher dishes for the visitors. The Seder selections are some that you have never seen, but each food is kosher and proper for the celebration. Most resorts offer in-house dining rooms, and for Seder many resorts offer private family style dining areas so the most important beginning celebration of your holiday can be observed in the manner you want. 

In the United States there are more than a dozen resorts located in major cities of interest that host Passover programs for your enjoyment. You can go the tip of the country and spend a luxurious week in Florida with sun, sand and blissful days of water activities, and prestigious gold courses. You can also go to Washington D.C. and experience the national archives of treasures and museums there. You can make your 2022 Pesach vacation a learning trip, or you can simply through caution to the wind and take the family to play on the beaches of California, or to see the sites of New York, attend Broadway shows, and experience the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plan your Pesach 2022 trip to include an African Safari! The resorts in South Africa observe Passover with daily minyanim, shiurim, lectures, and teaching programs. The children will be thoroughly entertained through the kids’ programs established by the resorts. If you choose to visit the Chabad of South Africa the resort is close to Pilanesburg Game Reserve National Park. It is also very close to one of the largest safari locations so you can experience the wildlife of South Africa in its native habitat. Of course, there is also swimming pools, spas, golf courses and a myriad of other activities to entertain and fill each minute of your days.

If you would prefer a cooler climate, and would maybe like to do some skiing then plan a trip to the Whistler Blackcomb resort in Canada. The mountain is covered with snow that is perfect for skiing and snowboarding at this time of year. Enjoy the cool outdoor days and the warm firelit nights inside the resort. Visit local museums, shop in exclusive shops, take a day trip and see Niagara Falls with your own eyes. The resorts will cover all of the important religious aspects of your holiday, and will provide day camps and teen programs designed to educate and entertain the children. The importance of the holiday is not lost in the excitement and adventure.

Planning your Pesach 2022 trip will only be difficult because there are so many fabulous destinations available to enjoy. You do need to begin your planning soon, because with so many people recently set free from their restraints more travelers are expected so hotel and resort accommodations are quickly filling up.

Pesach is a special time in your year. It is the most important religious holiday you will have, and it is a time to spend bonding with family, connecting with your religious beliefs experiencing the freedom this holiday stands for. It is time to break out of the stay-at-home state of mind and embrace the wonderful adventures and life that is waiting for you.

Get the family together and pick your first destination vacation, or you decide where you will go and what you will do and surprise your loved ones with a trip they will never forget. You live only once, so for Pesach 2022 make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.


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