Tips for a Healthy Relationship in the 21st Century


Having found love as opposed to lust or infatuation, it is now imperative that you secure that love. Keeping things healthy between the two of you doesn’t have to be a war. Many couples have tried proven ways of ensuring they have a healthy and happy relationship. The 21st century is nothing short of trying. There are trials and tribulations in all corners, and relationships aren’t left behind.

As you venture into a new relationship in the 21st century or happen to be in one, there are some handy tips worth noting. Checking out babes on and finding wife material is good news. However, the challenge is in making the relationship work. It takes two to tango, and thus the couple needs to work in unison to make the relationship work.

Below are some surefire ways to start and maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Keep things private

When folks were introduced to the internet, all hell broke loose. For years, many couples have suffered under the pervasiveness of the internet. Trolls make it hell for partners who share their intimate details. Others simply offer suggestions that incidentally, people follow. To keep your relationship sane and healthy, avoid gossip online, and deter from reading relationship blogs. Many bloggers are disgruntled and bitter folks with nothing positive to offer. If you seek advice from a blogger, chances of separating from your partner based on frugal issues are high.

Ignore superficial standards

Social media is the worst in terms of moral standards and ideals. The best approach to a happy relationship is doing what works for you. As a couple, there are standards and requirements you should set for each other. These might be known only among you and will be responsible for how happy or sad you will be. Superficiality exists in models, artists, bloggers, influencers, and even talk show hosts. Knowing what is important in your relationship outstands whatever society claims to be the norm.

Quality time

Few couples are aware of how important quality time is. It begins with spending too much time at work and then having to spend time with the boys, and girls, and suddenly couples are apart. When you spend less time you miss out on important aspects of the relationship. Your partner might be going through the motions. They may run into someone else who is willing to lend a shoulder, especially in the 21st century.


Again, communicate and spend time with each other. This should be carried out in real-time and without social media. It means talking to each other and not communicating via Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter. These social media handles are meant for the initial part of the relationship: ideally, the courtship part. Video chatting and other such forms of communication are impersonal. Noting someone’s facial reactions and gestures in real-time beats any form of digital communication. To keep things intimate and sensual, while being empathetic too, it is important to practice vis-à-vis communication.

Digital communication

On that note, do not avoid digital communication entirely. It is important to capitalize on these tools when necessary. Couples spend lots of time away from each other with varying work schedules. When apart from each other, you must communicate by all means necessary. The means are available in the form of WhatsApp and telegram video-calling. Keep in touch with your significant other whenever possible to keep tabs on their emotional and physical well-being.

Bottom Line

Enjoy a healthier and happier relationship with your partner with the above-mentioned suggestions. Keep in mind that relationships differ due to personalities and indeed, needs. Upon finding that potential love of your life, make an extra effort to keep them. This means pushing society’s requirements aside and living up to your standards, and beliefs. 


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