Tips On Keeping Your Partner Safe


Both people need to put in a lot of effort to make a relationship work, especially when it comes to telling our partners how much they are loved and cared for. Emotional security will make them feel secure in the relationship, helping it thrive without any hindrance, so any insecurities do not build up and come back to bite later in the relationship. Even if your relationship is a dynamic one brimming with laughter, passion and sex whips, everyone wants to feel secure in a relationship, so here is exactly how to achieve that:

No time for mind games

Playing ‘hard to get’ or aiming to make your partner jealous is a dangerous game that is only bound to end in tears. As much as it can make you feel like you have the high ground when you are being chased, taking people for granted will come back to bite and leave your relationship on a downward spiral. It is an unhealthy and very frustrating approach which is not sustainable and is not a good start to a healthy relationship.

Speak the truth

As they say, honesty really is the best policy. If you are somebody who chooses to keep their feelings inside and deals with things on our own out of fear of being judged or being an inconvenience, it is important to realise that this is not the way forward! If anything, it is detrimental to a relationship as both partners should be able to talk to each other about their insecurities, how they are feeling and if they are being nagged by a troubling thought. By speaking up about any thoughts, you can work as a team to overcome them, and you don’t need to leave them guessing why you are not acting yourself.

Don’t take them for granted

It is never too late in a relationship to make an effort, doing small things that show you care for them. Put a smile on your partners face by making efforts to meet, to talk, and to take things forward. Of course, life gets busy and it can be easy to put off date nights or quality time if you have a jam packed calendar or are too tired, but communicating that you will make time for them as soon as you can will be the reassurance that they need.

Give them a compliment

Let your partner know of all those beautiful, happy, and loving things that you feel about them. Compliments are another thing that many of us start to slip on as we get too comfortable with a partner, forgetting how nice these things can be to hear and make us feel like our partner is still just as in love as they have always been. Especially if you have been going through a rocky patch as a couple or if your partner is feeling down about their appearance, reminding them of the things you love the most can be a huge pick me up.


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