Top 10 Most Expensive Haunted Houses in the US That Will Freak You Out

Expensive Haunted Houses

It’s spooky season once more and what better way to prepare for Halloween than to read about the terrifying creatures that lurk beyond the walls. Many paranormal investigators have visited Sallie and her haunted house heartland, and some have even stayed the night. It’s crazy to think that there are people out there willing to stay at a haunted house overnight. But did you know that you can own and live in a haunted house of your own? Yes, not all haunted houses are in the form of decrepit, abandoned places. For a time, they might have been abandoned houses. But with some fixing, these old but beautiful homes can be brought back to their old grandeur. Take a look at the top 10 most expensive haunted houses in the US and feel the chills of their haunting tales.

1.The Pillars Estate, Albion, New York ($499,000)

This Grecian style house dates back to the Victorian era. But don’t be fooled by its grandeur for dark forces roam the halls of this ivory-colored home. It is said that the ghost of a child and a woman in white were spotted in the house. Construction workers on-site during renovation saw the child looking out the basement window and also mentioned instances of hearing him. Apparitions of a woman also appeared in the bedroom. The homeowners also reported hearing unaccounted for footsteps in the home. History of the ghosts that haunt the estate cannot be found. But with so many people have lived in the home since its founding, it’s not unlikely that a couple of its former residents took such a liking to the property that they decided to stay there forever.

2. Forge mansion, Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania ($825,000)

This seven-bedroom, four-bathroom mansion is home to many ghosts. One of which involves a tale of forbidden love between a worker and the owner’s female ward. The owner banished the young man from the place due to his love for the girl. However, he returned to take back his love years later, only to die as he fell off his horse. The ghost of the horseman roams the grounds, while his heartbroken lover’s gloomy energy lingers inside her room.

The home also stands atop a Native American graveyard and is cursed for tarnishing that sacred place. And of course, no haunted house is complete without the ghost of soldiers marching about. With its array of “guests,” you’ll never feel alone in this house…literally.

3. The Priestley House, Canton, Mississippi ($938,000) 

This beautiful house in Canton, Mississippi is named after its first owner, Dr. James Priestley, who died in the house along with his wife. It is believed that the ghost of Susan Priestley, the doctor’s wife, haunts the home. The home’s occupants recall seeing her in the bedroom where she died. Other unexplained occurrences like objects suddenly falling or random sounds have been linked to the late Mrs. Priestley. People also say that they get overwhelming negative energy when they stay in the bedroom for too long. Perhaps the lady was so enamored by the gorgeous home that she could not bear to depart from it, choosing instead to inhabit its walls for all of eternity.

4. Squire House, Ossining, New York ($965,000)

This architectural beauty featuring High Victorian Gothic Style is listed under the National Register of Historic Places. The look of the house matches its haunted reputation but in the most elegant way. And local legend says it is. It is said to be the former residence of a prison physician and was also rumored to have formerly been a mental hospital. If that doesn’t spell haunted house material, I don’t know what does. 

5. Griffin House, New Orleans, Louisiana ($1 million) 

This house’s haunted history dates back to the Civil War. It is believed that the property used to serve as a jail during that time. And it is also said that two captives awaiting their death sentences at the house decided to die at each other’s hands instead. They say the two men died in the attic and that blood drips down those walls. And if the house isn’t scary on its own, it’s also located near several cemeteries. I bet it’s the go-to hangout for ghosts in New Orleans.

6. The Dakota Building Apartment, New York City, New York ($1.3 million)

This 19th-century building is home to many ghost stories. And one of its famous ghosts is said to be John Lennon himself. Lennon was shot in front of the building, and Yoko Ono (who still lives there) swears that she saw the ghost of her late husband sitting on the piano. It is also rumored that the ghost of a crying lady roams the halls of The Dakota. There are many other ghosts spotted in the building like the one of a man with a boy’s face and one of a little girl. Sightings have been recorded since the 60’s. And even with all the haunted history of the place, it is still a hot commodity on the market. I mean, who wouldn’t want the chance to see the ghost of John Lennon?

7.Hampton Lillibridge House, Savannah, Georgia ($1.9 million)

The Hampton Lillibridge is said to be the most haunted house in Savannah. In its early days, the house used to be a boarding house. And one of its tenants reportedly committed suicide at the home, marking the first death on the property. Another death occurred centuries after when the roof collapsed on one of the workers during the home’s renovation. Several people also experienced eerie events and sensations throughout the years. Voices, laughter, and footsteps could be heard along with the disappearance of random objects. Apparitions of a man in black appear in the house. A worker in the house also recounted a dangerous encounter with the paranormal, feeling as if he was thrown in ice-cold water. An exorcism was also conducted at the home. With all these accounts and many more, it’s no wonder this house gets the title of most haunted in Savannah. 

8. Campbell Castle, Wichita, Kansas ($3.5 million)

Also listed on the National Register for Historic Places, this 11,000 square-foot property with 17 bedrooms is said to be haunted. Rumor has it that many ghosts lurk the halls of this Scottish style castle. It is said that these ghosts came from Europe. Salvaged portions from European castles were used and incorporated in the castle’s architecture. And supposedly, these imported parts came with imported ghosts. I don’t know much about ghost travel and the rules of haunting, but if I was a ghost, I’d take on the opportunity for a foreign exchange haunting.

9. Villa Paula, Miami, Florida ($4.5 million)

Constructed in 1925, this stunning house was the home of the first Cuban Consulate in Miami and was named after his wife, Paula. Paula had died from complications of a leg amputation and is said to haunt the home. The first account of haunting happened in 1974 when Cliff Ensor bought the villa. During his stay, Ensor had encountered many paranormal activities such as random knocking, the mysterious death of his cats, slamming of doors, the emergence of the aroma of Cuban coffee and roses, the clicking sound of high heels, and even a crashing chandelier. Ensor also reportedly saw apparitions of the one-legged Paula and one of a shadowy form. With so much activity, it’s no wonder that the Villa Paula is said to be the most haunted house in South Florida.

10.The Schweppe Mansion, Lake Forest, Illinois ($9 million) 

Nestled in a five-acre lot with a lake view, this 22,000 square-foot estate, also known as the Mayflower Place, is priced at around nine million dollars. And if you think that’s a hefty price, it was originally priced at 12 million but had to undergo price cuts since nobody dared to purchase the alleged haunted house. This grand home was originally a wedding gift to Laura Shedd and Charles Schweppe and had even been graced by the presence of royalty a couple of times. As grand and beautiful as the mansion is its history is filled with tragedy. The first death came when Laura had died of a heart attack in the home. A few years later, her husband took his own life in the very same house. After their deaths, the house was empty for almost half a century. It is believed that the ghosts of the tragic couple roam around the halls of the estate.  




















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