Top 5 Tips for Creating Shareable Content on Facebook


Shareable content on Facebook includes articles, images, videos, or material that compels the audience to share it — an effective means of spreading your message globally. As more people view your posts, you expand your audience network, enhancing business visibility and attracting potential clients. Whether spreading a public service, promoting a cause, or conveying a political message, shareable content amplifies your reach. However, not every social media post achieves shareability.

Your content should captivate through eye-catching images, compelling storytelling, or engaging video clips. Only then will people eagerly share your posts with friends, passing on interesting and informative content. Let’s explore the top five tips to make your content highly shareable on Facebook.

1. Eye-catching Images

Did you know? 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts are the ones that use the visual appeal of eye-catching images! Pictures make your posts stand out and grab attention. For instance, a recipe might fail to engage users unless it accompanies the photo of your appetizing dish. Similarly, your travel stories will be more popular if you add some captivating pictures showing scenic beauty. However, you must use your own original photos to avoid copyright infringement issues. If you don’t have the time or tools to create high-quality images, consider using royalty-free stock photos available online. 

Turn to professionally created stock images to make your content captivating and in line with the latest visual trends. Look up 2024 stock photos for inspiration; you’ll find numerous ideas. Posts featuring images receive over 50% more likes and 104% more comments than those without visuals. Therefore, enhance your posts with pictures to increase their shareability.

2. Engaging Storytelling

A story adds a personal touch and an element of intrigue to your post, making it more shareable. More than 1 billion stories are circulated around Facebook every single day, engaging audiences from different corners of the world. Let’s say you want to launch a new line of skincare products. Simply sharing straightforward information about the products might not help you connect with your audience. If you really want to grab their attention, draw them in with a story they could relate to. For instance, you may begin by sharing your personal journey of facing common skin problems and how your products offer the perfect solution. 

Alternatively, if you want to receive support for a charitable cause, it would be helpful to share an emotional narrative along with a touching picture to gain sympathy from your audience. On the other hand, you may turn a piece of information into an enjoyable learning experience with the help of the latest meme picture along with an anecdote. All of these instances show how a story can captivate people. As a result, your post gets more engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

3. Polls and Quizzes

Facebook polls and quizzes offer an interactive experience to your audience. Social media users love to share their opinions through comments and discussions on various posts. Participating in a poll or quiz gives them the opportunity to share their views and preferences. Plus, in order to add to the fun, users often share such entertaining elements with their friends. 

Polls and quizzes draw attention more effectively with the help of visual aids, such as relevant and up-to-date images. As people share these with their friends, your post engagement receives a boost. So, your Facebook page, business, or cause gets more recognition among the online community, helping you build a positive reputation with a broader audience.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags are words or phrases that follow the “#” symbol. These are like labels that help users discover your posts more easily when they are searching for relevant information. For instance, if you share a recipe for chocolate cake, some relevant hashtags to use would be #chocolateCake, #baking, #chocoLovers, and #desserts. So, anyone looking for chocolate desserts, cakes, or baking recipes would be likely to come across your post even if they are not on your followers list. It increases the visibility of your content among the right audience – people who are interested in the specific topic and purpose of your post. 

Consequently, your post is likely to receive more engagement from your target audience. So, don’t forget to make your post more shareable with the help of a captivating description, a striking picture, and relevant hashtags.

5. Videos

People tend to skip verbose content. However, integrating a video into your post helps you seize attention more effectively. It’s an interactive element that intrigues the audience, rendering your content more shareable. With 4 billion video views on Facebook daily, the popularity of video content on the platform is evident. To increase your content’s visibility, consider posting a video that effectively conveys your message.

Keep your videos concise to convey the entire message before your audience loses interest. A lot of internet users watch videos without sound, meaning your videos must visually communicate your message even without audio. Providing subtitles allows your audience to comprehend your content without adjusting the volume. Videos are more likely to engage people compared to written content. For instance, if you wish to share a recipe or a DIY project, a video allows you to present clearer, more engaging step-by-step instructions. Consequently, users will find your posts more valuable and share these easy-to-follow tips and information with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Crafting shareable posts on Facebook enables you to establish recognition among your desired audience. These posts serve beyond business promotion — they spread any message within the online community. Implement effective strategies to boost engagement for your social media content. Integrate captivating and current photos, compelling and relatable stories, interactive videos, and online polls to engage your audience. 

When your content captivates them, they’ll likely share it with friends, extending your reach. Hence, aim beyond mere posting — deliver a captivating experience to connect with a wider audience. Strengthen your digital presence and expand your online reach.


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