Top Tips For a Stylish Summer


Finding the right outfit is easy during colder months, but summer dressing poses a real challenge. The rising mercury comes with many exciting things, including beer gardens and barbecues; however, it also reduces your wardrobe options considerably.

Staying cool is a priority during hot months, but looking good is just as important! Luckily, some clothing items can ensure the perfect summer outfit that any gentleman can master.

Linen shirts

Fabric choice is essential when it comes to summer dressing because if you end up picking the wrong materials, you’ll feel uncomfortable. Linen and lightweight cotton are great choices because they provide breathability, keeping you cool during those scorching days. A linen shirt has the potential to elevate your look and create a sense of sophistication and pairs well with designer swim trunks. Put on leather sandals, and you’ll create an outfit which you can wear not only at the pool but also at an alfresco lunch.

Cuban collars

The Cuban collar shirt is a summer staple, providing a throwback feel, as it was incredibly popular in the mid-century. It is an excellent clothing piece for the warm weather, as it is comfortable and adaptable, and you can pair it with jeans, chinos, or shorts. Or, if you’re looking for something smarter, tailored drawstring trousers look great in combination with a Cuban collar. Complete the outfit with loafers or sneakers, and you’ll achieve a versatile fit that will ensure comfort regardless of how stifling the heat is.

White trousers

White trousers and jeans may be difficult to wear, but they make for a great statement piece, and the best time to try them is during summer. If you want to achieve a tailored look, consider pairing them with navy blazers. You can also combine them with a polo shirt or a lightweight jacket. If you choose the latter option, put on boat shoes or a pair of derbies, and you’ll create a smart casual summer outfit.

Drawstring shorts

Wear drawstring shorts once, and you will fall in love with this fantastic clothing piece. They are unparalleled in comfort, providing the same feel as pyjama shorts. Plus, they are available in several styles and fabrics, meaning you can choose from a wide range of options. We recommend opting for a light cotton design, as the material is lightweight and durable and ensures maximum comfort. Combine your drawstring shorts with leather sneakers or a long sleeve tee, and get ready to impress with a simple yet fashionable summer outfit.

Lightweight jackets

Summer doesn’t only mean sunny days – there will be cloudy skies too, and you want to be prepared for the unpredictable weather. Hence, consider investing in a lightweight jacket. You can opt for a cotton bomber or a Harrington, as they are both excellent choices, provide versatility and pair incredibly well with jeans or shorts and tailored trousers.

T-shirt and blue jeans

Simplicity never fails, especially when it comes to summer dressing! So, consider opting for the classic outfit that consists of a T-shirt and blue jeans. It works effectively during the warm season, and you can complement the outfit with matching suede loafers, which will perfectly bind together the top and bottom half.

Last words

We know finding the perfect summer outfit can be challenging, so we hope these ideas will inspire you to dress fashionably and comfortably.  


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