Summertime clothing: FIVE TRENDIEST OPTIONS To beat the heat


The blossoming of flowers in spring gives us the glad news of the onset of the most fun time of the year: summer! Summertime is all about beating the heat and enjoying the beach, having pool parties, and sunbathing get-togethers! However, the summer season also brings with it the looming dread of a wardrobe malfunction.

Summertime is all about going out and having fun, which means you will need a lot of breezy outfits not to break an excessive sweat while partying. It can get a tad bit stressful to make sure the costumes are also fashionable while meeting the season requirements. Therefore, just when you start worrying about getting a summer-bod, start prepping up your wardrobe!

In the article ahead, we have picked out five of the trendiest options you can wear while going to a pool party during the summer without making it look effortless!

1. Flowy Dresses With Straw Hats:

What is summer without flaunting all the flowy dresses in your wardrobe? Pretty much, nothing! So when we say pull out all your buried summer dresses, we are very serious. Such dresses are ideal to be worn at the beachside since they will keep you fresh under the sun. The perfect color palette to pick for summers is in pastels, and you can match these with a large straw hat. The summertime is when you can don a chic hat and carry the look well since it keeps the sun rays away from your face. They will help you save a sunburn episode at bay. 

Casual summer dresses can either be knee-length or down till your mid-calf. Pick the style which suits your body and the one you can flaunt well. Summer dresses can easily get paired with open sandals for a primmer look, or if you have to frolic on the sandy beach, consider wearing flip-flops! 

2. T-Shirts With Jeans Shorts:

So the easiest way to beat the heat during summers is to wear less! Summer is all about pulling off layers of clothing and keeping it minimal. Therefore, one chic pick this summer would be to pair a plain white tee with those mini jeans shorts. When choosing the colors for summer clothing, make sure you always pick the lighter tones. Whites and off-whites are ideal! It is because dark colors tend to absorb heat and make you feel hot, whereas lighter color tones keep you fresh. On the other hand, minimalistic shorts will keep you looking casual and fashionable and provide youBaggy  an opportunity to soak in some of that beautiful sunshine!

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Consider tying your hair up in a messy bun with a colorful bandana to give the perfect summer look. You can complete this outfit by wearing a pair of your old, tattered sneakers. Now, put on some sunblock, and you are good to have some healthy fun!

3. Jeans And Tank Tops:

Imagine you want to run an errand to the nearest town but have a risk of encountering one of your in-laws. You do not have the energy or time to pull together a great outfit, so what do you do? First of all, you need not worry. Secondly, here is the advice: wear a tank top! Tank tops look super stylish if you match them up with the right outfit. Pull out some nice, comfortable baggy jeans since the heat will make you hate entirely tight-fitted clothing. Baggy, loose jeans go well with plain tank tops. 

Keep the makeup at a bare minimum, just a little powder to kill the shine, a lip and cheek tint, and you are done. The heat will make you melt, and any makeup more than that will turn you into a blotchy powdered mess. If you are running late, leave the hair open or let them stay up in the messy bun you tied early.  Just put on some sneakers or flip-flops, and the look is complete.

4. Jumpsuits And Summer Sandals:

If there is one piece of clothing, we often forget to praise enough; it is the jumpsuit. These are perfect for summers. Find jumpsuits in breathable, lightweight materials with slightly deeper necklines since you will need all the air you can get in the scorching heat.

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Jumpsuits come in colorful varieties from flowery prints to solid colors. You can also choose one with a mid-calf length, which will be just right for the summertime. You can also get yourself a denim jumpsuit to wear this summer. Just skip wearing a tee inside, and you will keep the outfit super breezy. However, if you do not want to expose too much skin, pair it with a plain white t-shirt.  

You can team up jumpsuits with cute summertime sandals, or even a pair of flip-flops would look uber stylish. Add on a small crossbody bag to carry your essentials since summers are all about going minimal, remember? Consider wearing your hair in a high ponytail, which will finish off your look impeccably. 

5. Crop Tops And Boyfriend Jeans:

Summertime should be all about enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze. Crop tops are lovely for summers since they are airy and are comfortable to wear in the heat. You can incorporate different styles, such as the off-shoulder crop top or a half-cropped t-shirt. The best pairing for a crop top would be some shabby looking boyfriend jeans. Torn jeans have long been back in fashion, and they look uber classy too! 

Therefore, our style advice is to pair worn-out jeans with a plain white crop top. Likewise, you can wear some plain white sneakers to go with the entire look. A messy half-hair updo would look perfect with this outfit. You can wear a waist bag to tuck in your cellphone and a lip tint if you do not wish to carry that massive handbag. 


A summer outfit should always circle three things. It should be airy, lightweight, and minimalistic. If you keep this in mind, whatever you wear will suit the summer season perfectly. If you are having problems wrapping your head around different ideas, then feel free to steal some of the outfit inspirations given above because we are pretty sure they will help you entirely rock your outfit game this summer!

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