Various Types of Watches to Look Out for as a New Watch Enthusiast

Various Types of Watches

Wearing the right watch for the right purpose and lifestyle is the best way to face the world with a winning attitude. However, there are numerous types of watches in the current market, making it difficult for you, as a new watch enthusiast to choose the best for your needs. In today’s guide, we give you comprehensive coverage of types of colorful-watch to help you make a perfect choice from Various Types of Watches.

Various Types of Watches

Mechanical Watches- Various Types of Watches

Mechanical watches display impressive movements made from numerous small pieces. It’s the tiny piece that keeps the watch ticking without tiring. Because of their nature, the mechanical watches are best suitable for individuals looking for old-style timepieces, complete with a gear-filled case, and winding spring-powered tiny pieces.

If you decide to get a mechanical watch, be ready to spin it down all the time, whenever you want the inside mechanism to swing right into the action. Also, there are some types of these watches that are powered by sunlight to form a kinetic motion whenever they are functioning.

These watches are easy to identify because they tick loudly, because of the spring action. Also, they are some of the most expensive watches in the current marketplace.

Quartz Watches

Unlike the mechanical watches that use precision gears and numerous mechanisms to keep them accurately running, quartz watches use quartz crystals for precision. It functions by sending an electronic current through its crystal, which causes it to pulsate.

So as the crystal vibrates, the frequency is quickly transferred by the circuit into the watch’s tiny motor which then powers the wrist watch.

These types of watches are popularly referred to as electronic watches, and they rose to fame in the 1980s, and have been in use since then. Currently, Quartz watches rank among the most accurate. However, most brands require new battery changes from time to time, so be ready for that.

Luxury Watches- Various Types of Watches

As their name suggests, luxury watches are meant to define specific styles. In fact, in the past, around the 1900s, only rich people could afford these kinds of watches. However, thanks to improved technology, mass production was made possible and now many people have access to them.

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When you invest in a luxury watch, you are not simply focusing on time precision, but also on the status symbol it represents. This is because these watches are created with precious metals and fine jewels, making them expensive. However, there are still various affordable luxury watches to look out for in the timepieces market.

When examined closely, you will realize that these luxury watches feature incredible movements to ensure time precision. In fact, most of them use mechanical movements. However, some makes are created with more attention on the design rather than the actual functionality.

Additionally, because of their superb designs, luxury watches feature amazing quality and are sold at a premium price. The good thing is that there are various options of such watches to choose from in the marketplace, including mother-of-pearl-watch, pilot watches, and chronograph watches among many others.

Also, in this digital era, smartwatches are categorized as luxury watches. They are expensive, and not a necessity especially for most people). Another feature of luxury watches is their flashy and heavy styles.


Dress Watches

Dress watches can easily be described as slim, delicate, and simple wristwatches. They make perfect companions for the office and even dinner dates. Because of this, you would want to have one that easily slips under your office shirt cuff, and is not easily noticed to take attention away from the dress or meeting at hand.

Therefore, when investing in a dress watch, it’s best if you choose a precious metal rather than outstanding steel. That, combined with a leather strap will complete the look. The secret is getting a dress watch that is simple to give you versatility and fit into various occasions. Nothing complicated, but maybe a date window, which comes in handy.

Watch Style

The style of a watch defines its use, especially when it comes to particular occasions.

Casual Watch

Casual watches are most commonly worn across the world. They are neither luxurious nor elegant, but simply an accessory to complete your casual look.

When buying a casual watch, you are not focusing on standing out, but on its usability. It should be able to serve you daily. Also, this is a perfect pick if all you need from a watch is time and a little touch of fashion.

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Because of their simplicity, these watches are affordable and easily accessible to everyone. Also, they make great gifts to acquaintances or people you’re not that close to. They don’t come off as cheap but are not too expensive either, so they’re perfect for playing safe. Also, since they are affordable, you can buy a few more pairs to help you style your attires according to your mood.

Dress Watch

Unlike the casual watch that complements your weekend or simply casual look, a dress watch is a perfect choice for formal attires and business meetings. Because of these, they shouldn’t draw much attention but rather easily camouflage with your other accessories.

Most of these watches feature minute and hour hands to keep them as simple as possible. Their dial and bezel should be black or simply metallic. Their prices range depending on the type, but most of them are a little bit more expensive than casual watches. Lora Rose has some beautiful and affordable dress watches.

Fashion Watch

Of all the three watch styles, fashion watches are the hardest to define. They primarily refer to watches created by manufacturers and brands that are not primarily specialized watchmakers. So, these manufacturers make fashion watches as part of marketing their brand reputation as reputable fashion brands.

Most brands selling fashion provide the watches for other companies to make, rather than getting into watchmaking themselves. And the watches mainly feature an attractive logo and focus on beauty or even branding. They use regular movements and are sold at high prices because of the popularity of the brands at hand.

In Conclusion

The right watch can take you places. However, you need to pick the right one according to the style and type that suits your needs. The best part is knowing whatever types of watches you want, you can always find one out there.


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