What is Home Décor and A Few Ideas to Consider?

What is Home Décor

Our homes are much like our wardrobes, those who are house proud are always finding new and modern ways to spruce up their houses with tons of different things and almost every year. Just like our wardrobe, we tend to get bored of the things we wear, and more often than not feel the need to update our clothes, and but seasonal outfits to suit our style. What is Home Décor?

Our home is similar in many ways. We accessorize ourselves, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our home? It is surprising how much of a positive difference a few good pieces in the home can help, to bring more life into things. According to this article, there are a few reasons why you should be changing things ever so often.

Many choose to try on a new coat of paint on their walls or upgrade their furniture to something more simplistic. Other people go for larger projects like changing the floor space from a carpet to a wooden one. whatever you do, there is one thing that it benefits and that is to add aesthetic appeal as well as value to the property.

If you are like us and looking to do something new and fresh, to your dwelling space to keep things adventurous, but not as large as altering your flooring, keep reading to find some great ideas for accessories that you can buy today. Let’s first get the basics out of the way.

Home Décor Accessories – What Are They? 

The term itself ‘home décor’ is short for home decoration. It is the act of enhancing your home to make it look nice and reflect your style and personality. All the aesthetic components that can be used to make it a more appealing or attractive space, both visually and otherwise, are included when considering home décor items.

For example, items such as art, accessories, furniture, carpets or rugs, and physical objects such as glass vases or decorative pieces all fall under this category and can help towards making the space look nicer. There are several different styles of home décor available on the market and the list is endless.

Some of the more common ones are the traditional styles, modern. Contemporary and mid-century. You can also get the ‘shabby-chic’ styles, or the Mediterranean, nautical or beach styles and more. The choices are limitless.

When faced with choices it is best to divide things into sub-categories. We look at a few main ones below.

Different Sub-categories of Décor Accessories

Artwork: this is one of those that homes cannot live without, even if it is just one large painting in the middle of the living room wall, above the fireplace or on an empty wall, it can make a world of difference. 

Photos, wall-hangings and wall art are some of the conventional and easiest ways to enhance a wall and add color to the room, as well as create a focal point for guests. The eclectic style of décor is one of the ways to add bright and lively colors to any room because this style focuses on things.

It comprises of a mixture of textures and different patterns and often risqué pieces with bright translucent shades or a combination of both the old and the new: https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a33484182/what-is-eclectic-style/

Windows: it may be underrated but windows are one of the other ways to add some décor to your home. Window dressing in particular can make a huge difference. Whether you choose to swap out your curtains for blinds of a different style as opposed to dropping blinds, you can choose to add some character to your windows, and the room they are in.

House plants: there is nothing more accessorizing than adding house plants to the mix. Sometimes you can choose flowering plants that have vibrant colours, or dry flowers placed inside a modern-looking vase with contrasting shades and textures. It will enhance your mood, as well as the ambience.

Accent Pieces: When choosing things, they don’t always need to have a practical use, they can purely be for aesthetic purposes. Take accent pieces for example – you can paint one wall in your living room to create an accent piece, or if you’re not so bold, then choosing the right vase or stool can be it. 

You can even choose to change things to a more vintage home decor style and add some exquisite furniture or vintage-looking items on the shelves or the floor. This style can create a warm and nostalgic look. The inspiration can come as far back as the 60s even. 

Rugs: throwing one rug onto the floor can also make a difference. If it is a beautiful bright coloured one or a dark one surrounded by hues of greys and earthy toned furniture, it can look nice and add some coziness to any room. If you have a wooden floor, especially, this would be a great idea to add some complementary tones to the natural hues of the wood.

These are just a few ideas that you can consider when sprucing up your space, or when you get bored of it and looking for a change.  



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