What is the Best City for Driving an Electric Car in?

City for Driving an Electric Car

The electric car revolution is very much underway all over the globe with motorists making the switch and enjoying the perks that electric cars bring. 2020 was a huge year in the global electric vehicle market, which saw the stock rise to 10 million units – 41% higher than 2019. Numbers more than doubled in Europe to 1.4 million registrations, which is largely thanks to stimulus measures introduced by many EU Governments. Let’s see what is the best city for driving an electric car.

Norway Leading the Charge

In terms of people per electric car, it is Norway that is leading the way with 18.9 people per electric car. In second place was the USA with 48.8 people per electric car and then Iceland with 76.7. While headway has been made in the UK, there is still a long way to go at 513 people per electric vehicle (17th out of countries investigated). So, does this make Norway the best place to drive an electric car? There are a number of perks to this and it is clear why so many Norwegians are making the switch and not just for environmental reasons.

Government Perks

The Government has incentivized Norwegian nationals to switch to electric with a number of benefits and incentives. This includes reductions in the purchase price and road tax (similar to the UK) along with owners of EVs in Norway paying at least 50% less in parking and toll road fees. In addition to this, EVs are legally allowed to use bus lanes in Norway which is another major perk.

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Public Charging Outlets

One of the biggest reasons that people have been hesitant to make the switch is concerns over charging availability, which can create issues when it comes to driving range. Norway anticipated this and started work on building a strong public charging infrastructure early, which means that motorists are never too far from a charging point and do not have range anxiety. Oslo started its first municipal charging infrastructure program as early as 2008, putting it well ahead of the curve compared to other places around Europe.

Catching Up

Norway is certainly leading the way when it comes to EVs and there is a lot that can be learned from their approach. The UK is making great strides, but there is still much more that needs to be done. Fortunately, demand is growing particularly when there are so many different types of EVs now available, such as the popular Vauxhall Mokka electric.

It is fantastic to see places all over the world gradually making the switch to electric cars, but there is still more to be done particularly in the UK. The key is creating incentives for people to make the switch while developing a strong charging infrastructure that will allow people to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of making the switch to electric.

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