What to Wear for a Business Headshot? 8 Pro Tips To Dress Up! 

a Business Headshot

Right now, there is no one in the world who is not using the power of technology to receive clients and stand out in the market. If you have been in the business for quite some time, there is no way that you wouldn’t want to stand out and make a difference. And it all boils down to the way you look. Indeed, people cannot change the way their features are, but when you click a professional and a business  headshot, you make a massive difference. 

As the learned would always tell us, your first impression is the last one. But even when you settle and convince yourself after several questions about a professional and a corporate headshot. you think about what to wear? When it comes to women or men, no matter how many pieces of clothing you have, you’ll still look at your wardrobe and say there’s nothing special to wear. 

So, before you go out shopping or shortlist the clothing you wish to wear, check out our top tips! We have specially curated a list by FrameShot that will help you decide better and also make sure you ace it at your  a Business Headshot. Ready, are you? So, let’s get started! 

8 Pro Tips To Incorporate When You Are Planning To Go For Professional Headshots

Slowly and steadily, people are understanding the importance of headshots and are eventually investing in them. So, if you want to understand what you wish to wear at your photoshoot, look no further than the points below. These pro tips will get your picture ready in no time! 

1. Say NO to Prints! 

Haven’t you entered the office and received several comments like ‘what a beautiful dress are you wearing!’ or ‘is this new?’ or ‘the print looks perfect on you!’? But when it comes to your professional headshot day, it’s time you put aside all the prints. 

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A headshot is basically a picture that has the upper portion of you. And you would definitely not want too many distractions. So, in an ideal situation, ensure that you are saying no to any kinds of prints as people might put their attention towards your clothing rather than you. 

2. Say NO to Strips!

Strips and formals usually go hand-in-hand! But that again, it is a big no when you are going for your photoshoot. For headshots, even strips work just as prints do! So, we suggest you go for solid colors. When you wear a solid color, you are drawing the entire attention towards your face, making it ideal for you to look great in the picture. 

3. Go for body-hugging clothes- a Business Headshot!

Another thing people generally miss out on is this! No matter what shape you are, whether you are on the heavier or lighter side, ensuring that you wear body-hugging clothes is extremely important. With that, you get a better shape, you carry yourself better, and most importantly, gain confidence. 

When you wear loose-fitting outfits, you look unconfident, and your arms and other parts are clearly visible. So, make sure you are not wearing something that looks like a bag on you, at the same time, doesn’t look like it’s choking you. 

Wear clothes which make you look your best! 

4. Sleeves or Sleeveless?

Not everyone wants to wear a coat at their professional headshot, and that’s where the question of wearing tops and dresses comes up. While some women are comfortable wearing sleeveless, there are some who find it extremely awkward. 

So, whether or not you should wear sleeves depends entirely on your physique. If you have slim arms, wearing a sleeveless dress should look perfect on you. However, if you happen to have bulging arms, it’s ideal you wear 3/4th length sleeves. 

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These kinds of sleeves give your arms a proper definition and also don’t make you look odd in the perfect. However, if you are thinking of wearing short sleeves, keep that away for another day where what you wear doesn’t really matter much. 

5. Layering time!

Layering opens up the way you dress up massively. When you wear a particular blazer, scarf, cardigan, shrug, you are actually complementing what you are wearing. Most people ignore this and just simply choose a bland top or shirt. But that’s not what I would suggest you do. Ideally, contrasting the layers will enhance your look for the headshot. 

6. Color time! 

Most importantly, your professional headshot doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Always keep note that your picture will speak about you, your personality, and, most importantly, your brand. If you look boring in your picture, clients will take that impression of you and keep it as long as you do business with them. In fact, some would simply not want the word to beyond – ‘will get in touch. 

So, ensuring you wear some nice pastels and other bright hues is best. Don’t go for the boring white and black combination. 

7. Yes, to Neckpieces?

In all probability, you must have read several magazines and dressing up directories telling you that neckpieces are going to steal your professionalism and will make you look informal. But let me tell you, with the right choice that complements your clothing, you are going to outstand anyone else. 

So, mindfully choose the neckpieces and get ready to make a difference. 

8. What do you do?

Finally, my last and most important tip for today is this one. Question your profession and try to match it with the clothing you are going to wear. The picture itself should speak about your company and brand, so it’s vital for you to choose the correct type that is going to complement your look and profession. 

Final Thoughts

Do you really need any more tips? Well, I’m sure you don’t! With the pro tips that I’ve spoken of in the section above, there is no way you are going to be outstanding and will look outlandish in your headshot. So, do incorporate these ideas, and don’t miss out on letting us know how you liked the handpicked tips today! 



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