What vitamins can help you pass a drug test?

vitamins can help you

Vitamins have an enormous benefaction in the detoxification of drugs such as THC in the body. Vitamins can help you reduce the anxiety and discomfort arising due to it. There are major organs, liver and kidneys which are responsible for detoxification. The trend of detoxification in people today is in full swing to stay healthy. 

What is detoxification? 

Nowadays people have very little time for themselves in a runaway life. Lack of nutritious food, smoking, taking drugs and alcohol consumption increases the amount of these toxins in the body. Detoxification means the release of toxic substances stored in the body. In this activity, the body is cleaned both inside and outside. 

Here is a list of some vitamins that will help you pass a drug test:

1. Vitamin B Supplements

 The eight nutrients form a group of B vitamins. Most of the time, they work together in the human body. Despite this fact, they have unique functions and play various roles in physiological systems and organs. Two out of eight B vitamins can be helpful for this process. They are B2, and B12.

 B2 and B12 are essential for the proper functioning and development of organs such as the brain, blood cells, nerves and other vital organs of the human body. Some natural herbs contain vitamins B2 and B12 complex supplements that can give false positive results in drug testing. This is mostly because almost all commercial vitamin B supplements are synthetic.  

2. Vitamins A and D 

Vitamins A and D help your body in times of detox, as well, helping to your body on a day to day basis. Vitamins A and D help to nourish and improve the skin. This will help support your body during wound healing, and give you extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

3. Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is currently being studied for its ability to treat certain diseases and conditions such as hypertension. Considering that high levels of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can help your body get rid of toxins. Advocates of the practice recommend starting high amounts of vitamin C in your diet at regular intervals until you produce watery stools and urine.


Consuming vitamins as part of cleansing program can help you pass a drug test, according to this report. However, it must be done correctly to reduce suspicion. Ensure that you follow all the steps rigorously and if possible, test yourself at home before sending in a sample. 

If you want a real solution to pass a drug test, please consider a detox kit, that contains beverages, containing vitamin B Supplements, diuretics, creatine, and other essential ingredients.



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