Why Merino Wool Is Your Summer Wardrobe Savior 


There’s a lot to look forward to this summer: long days relaxing at the beach, leisurely vacations abroad, nights out on the town, or a simple afternoon spent lounging around the cool comfort of your home with your work phone on silent mode. 

But summer also comes with its fair share of annoyances. Those beach days can quickly turn uncomfortable as you sweat through your clothing under the punishing sun. That vacation can get tiresome as you lug a giant suitcase through unfamiliar cities. And even those leisurely days at home can be less-than-ideal if you aren’t dressed for comfort. 

That’s where merino wool comes in – your summer savior. This endlessly versatile, always stylish material is spun from Spanish sheep and features ultra-fine, antimicrobial fibres. It’s also practically tailor-made for the summer. Here’s why your summer wardrobe needs some stylish merino wool shorts, tees and underwear. 

It’s a Breath of Fresh Air

When people think of wool, they tend to picture bulky cable-knit sweaters and scarves, but merino wool is a world apart from those scratchy, stuffy wools. Because of its ultrafine-fibred structure, merino is soft to the touch and lightweight. 

And unlike other common fabrics (cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, etc.), merino wool is fully breathable. The material fares incredibly well in hot weather, keeping your skin breezy and comfortable. 

It’s the Perfect Travel Companion 

Merino wool is popular in the travel community, especially among minimalist travellers. Because the material is antimicrobial, it resists odour-causing bacteria in your sweat, keeping you fresh and smell-free. Some travellers report wearing their merino wool underwear for weeks (you read that correctly) without any noticeable odor. Consequently, you only need to pack three or four garments for an entire trip: a t-shirt, a pair of merino shorts, and a couple pairs of underwear and socks. 

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As a bonus, merino wool is also wrinkle-resistant. The wool’s fine, flexible fibres bounce back into place even after a long stint in a cramped backpack. 

It Keeps You Dry 

In most places, summer still sees a fair share of rainfall. Thankfully, merino wool dries quickly after a couple of hours hanging on the line. 

Moreover, merino wool is sweat-wicking, meaning that it pulls sweat from your body and allows it to evaporate from the surface of the garment. If you’ve ever suffered through a day in a heavy, sweaty t-shirt, consider making the switch to merino wool. 

It’s Stylish, Sophisticated and Versatile

Finally, merino wool is a style, sophisticated addition to your wardrobe. You can find simple merino wool clothing in monochromatic colours that fit just about every context. A streamlined black merino tee works as well for a night on the town as it does for a day lounging on the couch. 

With summer nearly here, start optimizing your wardrobe with sleek, versatile, smell-free, and breathable merino wool clothing. Wherever you go this summer – and whoever you go with – you know that you’ll look and feel your best. 


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