10 Car Gadgets You Can’t Travel Without


When planning a trip, you want to plan everything so that you feel comfortable all week of your vacation. It is not always possible to travel by car. Therefore, rental companies come to the rescue, which provides the opportunity to exotic car rental, rent a ferrari in dubai, rent a Volkswagen polo, etc. 

Undoubtedly, car rental is a very comfortable way to get around if you are flying to another country. But what if your vacation is planned in a country or city, which is a couple of hours away and there is no need to rent a car. Below are the top 10 gadgets to take with you in the car to make your trip more comfortable.

  1. Charging for gadgets

On a long journey, you definitely want to do something for yourself. Watching movies or series, music or remote work. Unfortunately, even the most sophisticated devices do not have an infinite charge. And so that a long trip does not turn out to be a prison with a desire to get out as soon as possible, we advise you to take a USB cable or a power bank with you.

2. Socket

Working remotely, you can always have something to do and in order not to waste time on a 10-hour trip, you want to work. However, not all laptops have such a long endurance. Therefore, we advise you to take with you the so-called car inverter, which allows you to convert the voltage to a standard socket.

3. Mounts for gadgets

Rear seat phone holders are good for both kids and adults. When traveling with children, it is not always possible to occupy them with a phone, unfortunately, it can fly all over the car. An excellent solution to this problem would be to mount the phone in one place. It’s just convenient.

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You can, of course, cheat and hire a car in a rental company already with built-in tablets, these will be cars of a class above average.

4. DVR

Coming to another country, we never have a guarantee that we will not get into an accident. The locals do not always know English, but it is necessary to prove who is right and who is wrong. A video recorder will help with this.


5. Cooler

Cooler will help keep yogurts, fruits and sausages that you might have taken for a snack on the road from spoiling. Especially when you are driving in winter, and the stove is working in the car.

6. Driver fatigue control

On long trips, attention and concentration are important. But long trips are exhausting. And in order not to lose concentration on the trip, there are special devices that start beeping if the driver starts to fall asleep.

7. Coffee machine

If you are an experienced traveler, you almost certainly know that the farther from the metropolis, the more difficult it is to find good or at least acceptable coffee. And here a simple rule comes into play: if you want to do something well, do it yourself. This is the purpose of a portable coffee machine.

8. Navigation and entertainment

You can also use your phone to navigate, but you may not always be able to catch the network, so do not forget to install an offline map on your device that will help you get to your destination outside the network coverage area. In modern applications, it is possible to synchronize with YouTube Music or Spotify.

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9. Tool kit

We all know that situations are different. Even after checking the car before the trip, you should not forget about force majeure

10. Digital dashboard

You, as a driver, always want to have all the necessary information before your eyes. This can be daily mileage, range, average speed or fuel consumption. All this can have a digital panel of the car.


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