150% Casino Bonus with Online Casinos – All That You Should Know

150% Casino Bonus

Online casinos have become a great source of entertainment for people across the world. Many people prefer conducting leisure activities via the internet these days. Such people play digital casino games from the comfort of their homes. Casino gambling is carried out for not just entertainment but also for winning money. 150% Casino Bonus

Both experienced gamblers and newbies sign up on online casino platforms to have some fun and win prizes. New digital casino platforms keep entering the industry to make profits. These platforms are either websites or mobile applications. Some operators offer both a browser-based platform and a mobile app to their users.

As a result, huge competition exists between various online casino operators. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, almost every operator creates attractive offers. These offers can be related to free spins, casino bonuses, and more. In this blog post, we will talk about the casino bonus offer, which is also called the ‘welcome casino bonus offer’ or ‘deposit bonus offer’.

Currently, ‘150% casino bonus’ is the trend as a lot of online casino platforms are giving this offer to their users. No doubt, some operators also give higher bonuses than 150%, for example, 200%, 300%, 350%, and even 600%. But the 150% bonus offer grabs all the eyeballs as it has become quite common.

Moreover, it’s relatively easy to take advantage of the 150% welcome casino bonus offer compared to the 300% or 600% welcome bonus offer. You should not register on the first platform you come across that offers a 150% bonus on deposit. You should conduct due research to choose the right online casino. We have tried to cover all the basic information that you should be aware of while making this choice.

What Exactly is a 150% Casino Bonus Offer? How Does It Work?

Digital casinos provide a welcome bonus equivalent to 150% of the amount deposited by a player when they make their deposit after creating an account on those casinos. In simple words, a 150% bonus on deposit is given to new users on online casino gambling platforms.

However, some platforms give this offer to existing customers as well. Let us show you an example that can help you better understand this welcome bonus calculation. If you have deposited $100 on an online gambling platform, an additional $150 will be deposited into your account. This additional amount of $150 is calculated by multiplying $100 with 1.5 (as the bonus percentage is 150).

In short, 150% of $100 is awarded to you as a bonus that you can use to play online casino games on the platform that has given you this bonus. Similarly, if you had deposited €100 (i.e., 100 Euros), you would get €150 (i.e., 150 Euros).

What Are Some Conditions that You Should Know About?

Before you start thinking that you can benefit immensely by using the lucrative offer of a 150% casino bonus, let us tell you that there are some conditions that you should gain knowledge about. The online casino gambling platforms set these conditions or restrictions.

The objective behind formulating such conditions is to ensure that people don’t misuse the 150% welcome bonus offer. Every platform has certain conditions that you should know before joining any platform. Following are a few conditions that every digital casino operator usually keeps.

  • Minimum Deposit Amount

All virtual casinos have certain limits for minimum and maximum amounts to be deposited. Limits are also placed in the case of the amount to be withdrawn, i.e., the payout of winnings. These limits exist irrespective of whether the casino gives any welcome bonus offer or not.

Those casinos that give a 150% welcome bonus on deposits made by their users also have the minimum and maximum limits for the amount to be deposited or withdrawn. These limits might be similar to or different from the usual limits set by the operator.

When a casino offers a 150% bonus, they usually set a strict limit for the minimum deposit amount. The reason behind this is that they want only serious players to register on their platform. If the minimum deposit amount is $100 on the platform that you have chosen, you should deposit at least $100 to get the welcome bonus offer. You can deposit more as well, depending on your preferences.

  • Maximum Bonus Amount

The reason behind putting this condition is the same as the reason behind putting the previous condition. Virtual casino operators want only serious players to join their platforms. In order to prevent people from abusing the attractive offer of a 150% casino bonus, the operators set a maximum limit or cap on the bonus amount to be given.

Let’s try to understand this with the help of an example. When an operator claims that they are giving a 150% bonus, they decide the maximum amount of bonus that they will give. If they decide that the maximum amount for the bonus is $250, they will not give a higher bonus than that to any user.

So, even if a user deposits an amount that makes them eligible to receive a bonus of more than $250, they will not get that bonus. The maximum bonus amount that will be credited to their account is $250. For example, if you deposit $200, the bonus amount calculated by using 150% will be $300. But as per the cap set by the operator, you will get only $250.

  • Wagering Requirements

Online casino gambling platforms might offer you a 150% bonus on the amount deposited by you, but they won’t allow you to withdraw the bonus amount so easily. They have wagering requirements that every player needs to fulfill in order to become eligible to withdraw the bonus.

The term ‘wagering requirements’ refers to the number of times the player has to wager the bonus amount on casino games before claiming the payout. Most virtual casinos generally have wagering requirements between 20x bonus to 40x bonus.

If the player has received $150 as a bonus amount after depositing $100, and if the wagering requirement set by the casino is ‘25x bonus’, then they will have to wager $3750 (150 x 25) before withdrawing any winning amount. In some cases, the wagering requirement is set on the sum of the bonus and deposit amount. So, if we take the above example here, the player will have to wager $6250 (250 x 25).

Along with the aforementioned conditions, some other conditions are also set by online casino gambling platforms. A few examples are minimum and maximum amounts to be withdrawn, suitable payment methods to make deposits for getting a bonus, and a time limit to meet the wagering requirements.

Final Thoughts

You should read the terms and conditions properly before creating an account on any online casino gambling platform. If you face any doubts or confusion, you can always approach the customer support team of the platform.


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