Postcards from Sardinia


postcards from sardinia irene buffa Irene-buffa-instagram-sardegnapostcards from sardinia irene buffa instagram-3-irene-buffanopales-sardegna-diary-fichi-d'india postcards from sardinia irene buffaIrene-buffa-sardegna-stripe-top-asos postcards from sardinia irene buffasardegna-cala-selvaggia (2) postcards from sardinia irene buffa

Look 1: Asos dress / H&M hat Look 2: Asos bikini top and bottom Look 3: H&M jeans / Frends headphones Look 4: Asos dress / Zara sandals Look 5: Asos bikini top / Stradivarius pants Look 6: French Connection hat / 100×200 scarf / Stradivarius skirt Look 7: Lisa Maree swimsuit

BACK THERE I’ve been away two years, way too long. I missed you, I wanted to see you, know you were the same, feel you on my skin again, Sardinia. The place where -they say- sun is always shining, the wind is always refreshing and the sea is always crystal blue. They call it Costa Smeralda, cause emerald is the color of those pretty waves I like to get lost in. So here they are my postcards from Sardinia. And while life is taking me places I like and further than I’ve ever imagined, I took a week off to be here and enjoy the beautiful things this wild land has never failed to give me. I found out everything was in the same place, just as beautiful as when I left. Nothing has changed, nothing will change. Things that are kept somewhere deep down inside of us are definitely forever. It’s just my postcards from Sardinia, from one of the places I love the most on the whole planet. May that be cause I’ve been going there for 23 years on my vacations, or maybe just cause this place is truly magical even at the first visit. So I keep falling in love with it over and over again. All photos are on my Instagram @OntoMyWardrobe.

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