3 Amazing Features of PDFBear for Your Electronic Files


PDF is a portable file format that many people utilize today. It lets you use the format and share it with other devices in the most convenient way. One good thing about PDF is that it doesn’t consume much storage of whatever device you’re using. That’s why many busy people opt for the PDFBear format, especially those in the business world. 

If you’re one of these people with a hectic schedule, you might be dealing with many PDF files every day. It seems to be an additional workload for your daily tasks. Hence, PDFBear has been made available online for public use. It’s a website that will surely be a great help for you to effectively and efficiently manage your various files on your computer or smartphone

To know more about it, read the different features of PDFBear below to help you manage and organize the electronic files that you frequently use. 

Quick Conversion PDFBear

File conversion is one of the useful features of PDFBEar. If you’re looking for a particular file format that you need for a specific task, and you can’t find on your computer or smartphone, it’s time that you’ll be needing a file conversion tool. PDFBear has a useful conversion tool online that will surely provide you with the file format you need. 

There are many available options for file conversion. You can convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint formats. You can even process conversion from jpg to pdf and other file formats that you need for your task. 

For instance, if you want to convert your existing PDF to PNG format, you only have to click a “Select a File” button or drag your PDF files to the PDFBear online conversion tool. The tool will upload and automatically scan your files. Within a few seconds, the system will process the conversion. 

Once it’s successful, you can click the download button, so you’ll have the converted files saved on your hard drive or smartphone. That’s how easy it is to process file conversion using the PDFBear online conversion tool. 

Protects the Files of PDFBear

You might have many electronic files that you deal with every day at school or work. There might be some files that contain valuable and confidential information. If so, you should protect them from possible unauthorized access in the future. PDFBear is an expert system when it comes to electronic and document file security. 

You only have to upload the files on the PDFBear Protect tool online. After that, the system will ask you to provide a password. Then, you need to create one that’s personalized, and that’s not easy to decipher. When you’re done, you need to click the “Encrypt PDF” button, and the system will process the encryption by saving the password you created. 

Once it’s done, you can now download the encrypted files on your computer hard drive or smartphone. It’s easy to set up a password for your confidential files. Hence, you’ll have the confidence that no one can easily access these files without your permission. 

Unlocks Encrypted Files

The Protect PDF is an essential PDFBear feature in protecting your confidential files by setting up a password. However, that will be another problem if you forgot the password that you’ve already set up a few weeks or months ago. Hence, PDFBear has a special online tool for this particular concern. 

Unlock PDF is another useful feature of PDFBear that will allow you to remove the existing password. After the password has been successfully removed, you can now reaccess the file and use it for your work or school tasks. Make sure to create a password that’s not easy to decipher, and you can easily remember the next time you wish to set up another security password for the same file. 


If you’re dealing with so many PDF files every day, managing them in an effective way will seem to be another workload on your list. Hence, PDFBear is available online to help you in these situations. It’s a smart system with various helpful tools online that will surely make your tasks done effectively and efficiently. 


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