5 Best Winter Pieces Every Man Should Own


While there are people who love the cold, there are also those who can’t tolerate it. However, with the right winter gear, you can be as cozy and warm during winter. As they always say, no matter the occasion or weather, what’s most important is to dress right. If you’re a man who’s looking to add some winter clothing essentials to your closet, this article is for you.  

From foggy mornings to chilly evenings, you’ll need to wear enough layers of clothes that can sustain warmth and protection from cool winds. Winter clothes are specifically built to take action against water and moisture caused by the chilly weather. They come with multiple layers to provide enough insulation against freezing temperatures. 

On that note, here are some of the must-have winter pieces that every man should add to their winter wardrobe: 

1.Puffer Vest  

The first thing on the list is the puffer vest. If you already own a couple of them, all you need to do is research how to style a men’s puffer vest and come up with diverse outfits and looks. Vests provide functional and aesthetic benefits for men. They can be worn together with other inner garments and layers, and they’re versatile to be mixed and matched.  

A puffer vest is a winter outerwear that every man should keep in their closet. They have different features, such as water resistance. Therefore, you can wear them outdoors, even if the environment is humid and it’s a bit rainy. The key is checking your options and sticking to the best brand that sells your favorite puffer vest. Puffer vests are available for any style, whether you’re preppy, street-savvy, or high-fashion. Go for one that showcases your personality.  

2.Wool Overcoat  

Many men can rock the wool overcoat look. In fact, it is mainly adored due to its aesthetic value, and it’s also perfect for battling low temperatures. 

When shopping for the right wool overcoat, consider the wool quality and craftsmanship. The best wool is capable of absorbing moisture. It helps you stay dry and warm no matter how chilly the weather gets. Wool coats are perfect winter wear for day and night.  

No well-dressed man should be without this winter staple. It comes in various colors and lengths, so you can achieve your desired outfit style while still feeling snug. Since these coats are easy to be paired with any outfit, it’s often best to stick to solid and neutral colors like black, white, gray, brown, cream, charcoal, and so on. They have that timeless and classic appeal that fits men of all ages.  

3.Base Inner Layer  

Aside from outerwear, men should prioritize their base clothing just as much. Despite adding some insulation, base layers are primarily designed to wick away moisture. It is an important feature to consider when choosing suitable inner garments to add to your winter outfit.  

When bundled up in a super warm coat, your body still releases sweat, even in cold weather. You end up feeling even colder after all that sweating and condensation. So, choose to wear inner layers of moisture and sweat-wicking clothes. Choose polyester blends, as they’re great for resisting sweat and humidity.  

When choosing the best inner garments, you can go for long sleeves, turtle necks, cashmere tops, etc. You may also opt for inner winter leggings as underwear for your bottoms to keep your entire legs cozy and warm.  


Sweaters are your safest bet if you love rocking a laid-back but cool outfit. Sweaters can be warm, basic, and simple, yet they should be a must-have for every fashion-forward man. Sweaters never run out of style and never lose against the coldest weather. With an inner layer plus a sweater as outerwear, you’ll have an excellent outfit to handle a typical chilly evening. 

Sweaters are easy to be paired with. Whether you’d go for chino pants, joggers, denim, or other fabric types, sweaters can be pulled off quite easily. The key is wearing one that will hug and flatter your body. After all, wearing well-fitted clothes is a great tip for a classy gentleman. Finish it off by wearing waterproof boots, and you’re good to go.  

5.Leather Jacket  

Finally, this outerwear is almost every man’s favorite winter wardrobe item. While they can be great to keep you warm in the snow, they’re also great during spring and autumn cold nights. They make a great protective garment against mild winds and rainy times. Due to the leather quality, this outerwear can last long, which is why they are great investments.  

Leather jackets come with that finesse that can make you look dashing. There are many ways to wear them, and nearly anything goes with them. Dress casually by wearing a t-shirt underneath, or maybe a hoodie or long-sleeved shirt. This timeless style looks great on anyone.  


Wearing the right clothes during the winter season can never be overstated. While some people sacrifice comfort over fashion, you can opt for the other way around. Or better yet, you can always balance comfort and style using the winter must-haves listed above. Mix and match them properly, and you’ll be able to achieve the best look that will make you more attractive and warmer in winter at the same time.  


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