5 activities to do with the family at the weekend


After a hectic work week, enjoying a day or two at home with your family is something to look forward to. The kids love to see the weekend approach as it is a no-school day and they get to sleep in and have fun the rest of the day. It is a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with their parents and siblings. A fun day of enjoyable activities offers good bonding experiences for both kids and parents. It does not matter whether it is indoor or outdoor activities such as girls’ cardigans shopping, kids will have fun and play anytime an opportunity presents itself.

Picnics and Nature

Anytime my mum planned a picnic for the weekend I was too happy to sleep and was up very early the next day and ready to go. Enjoying a good trek up to the park or hills is a fun and healthy activity for children. Being in nature and enjoying birds’ sounds and the wind away from the suburbs is exhilarating. Bring along a camera and have pictures of everyone running and rolling in the grass. Sandwiches and cold drinks on the mat with your family are memories for a lifetime.


A fun day for kids is a day at the mall but shopping does not necessarily mean going to the mall and getting expensive toys for boys’ or girls cardigans and dolls. Show them a different environment and take everyone to the farmer’s market. Shop for vegetables, fruit, meat, and spices, and let your kids experience a healthier lifestyle. The farmer’s market is more enjoyable for kids, let them have a basket and pick out some fruit they can have later at home.

Art and Crafts

Maybe you would love to stay in pajamas the whole day, and so will the kids. Use the pillows and build forts in the living room, have fun medieval fights and protect castles. Take the toy guns and shoot around the house. For the girls maybe a quiet day brushing doll hair or having tea in the doll house, there is fun everywhere. Take out the paintbrushes and see who can come up with the funniest paint project to hang on the wall. Design paper planes and cut-out card box houses and cars, these are fun ways to bond with the whole family and also create a sense of adventure and free spirit in the kids.

Family Dinner

Ask the kids to help prepare dinner from the farmers’ market ingredients. Show them new recipes and old family favorites while teaching them to cook and prepare healthy meals. They can choose a meal and cook it from start to finish and also serve it to everyone. It is a cool way to show that sometime cooking dinner is better than takeout.

Game and Movie Night

After a whole day of having fun, enjoy a few card games or board games with the whole family. Make it entertaining by adding prizes for the winner. Watch a cool kids’ movie from under the blanket and cuddle together. A good way for the kids to calm down after a long day of adventure and energy-filled activities. They will be asleep by the end of the movie.

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