5 Fun Date Night Ideas for Parents


Family time is important. There’s simply nothing like making new memories with your kids and watching them experience different stages of life. On the other hand, it’s important to reserve solo time for you and your significant other so you can have fun, talk, and connect with each other without having to focus on car seats, curfews, or anything child related. Whether you like to keep it simple and casual or plan a fun and exciting outing, a weekly date night is a treat! It’s something you can look forward to each week and is sure to become a special tradition for you and your partner. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next parents’ night out!

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  • Learn Something Together: It’s easy to get stuck in a date night rut that only involves going to a movie or your favorite restaurant each week. These are perfect when you’re craving something familiar, but why not try something that’s new to both of you? Get out of your comfort zone and explore a skill, event, or cuisine neither of you have tried in the past. It’s an excellent way to bond and have fun, plus you’ll be making new memories in the process and can tell your kids about it later. 

If you’re in need of ideas, do some research on local classes that interest you both like cooking, wine pairing, dancing, art, and more. If you prefer a less hands-on experience now and then, throw on a cute dress and see a musical, a play, the ballet, an orchestra, or another live performance. Get creative and take turns choosing new things to do together!

Date Night

  • Try a Double Date: Regular date nights don’t always have to be just the two of you. If you’re both up for it, call up another couple and plan a date night for four. Whether it’s dinner and drinks or a local event, make sure you’re in an environment where both couples feel comfortable and everyone can communicate with each other. It’s so much fun to get to know others better alongside your partner!

In terms of the setting and outfit, this might be a less intimate evening, so plan accordingly. One of your cute skirts and a pair of heels is perfect for a double date. If you want a little alone time, be sure to plan ahead for a drink or some chill time with just your partner before or after your double date. 

  • Do a Drive-In Movie: Go for a retro-inspired date night and find a drive-in movie in your area. Nowadays, there are both real drive-in theaters and temporary screen setups in large outdoor spaces. It’s a great summer activity that will allow you to get a little fresh air. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create a more casual-inspired date night look. Try pairing some cute jeans with a pair of sandals and one of your colorful trendy tops for women. Add a pair of cute earrings, and you’re all set for movie night!
  • Sweat It Out Together: If being active is your thing, then why not make it a weekly tradition? In addition to your regular exercise routine, a great date night option is to try a workout class together. If you both love doing yoga but don’t usually practice together, try a slow flow or deep stretch class to end your day in harmony. On the other hand, you can always kick things up a notch and try the trendy new workout class in your town. Sweat it out and make a healthy dinner together afterward. 

Date Night

  • Go Window Shopping: For a leisurely date night, you can always keep things simple. Walk down your favorite street or shopping strip and just take a stroll. You can window shop, talk, and maybe even stop inside a few stores. Who knows? Maybe you’ll both discover a new place you’ve never been inside before! For a great date night outfit, shop women’s boutique clothing online before and save yourself the extra trip. 

When it comes to date nights with your partner, there’s nothing better than simply being together. With all of these fun ideas, it’s important to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. A date night is a special occasion for you and your significant other to have a little alone time away from the kids and connect with each other. Think of it as your weekly check in and a regular dose of fun. Remember to get creative and have fun with your date night outfits, too! 



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